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  1. I have 4 BD Turbo Express Ice Screws for sale. (2) 22 cm and (2) 13 cm. They are in like new condition. All threads and teeth are flawless. I travel all over Puget sound got work. Happy to deliver. $35/each or $130 takes all 4 Untitled by AlpineTarn, on Flickr Untitled by AlpineTarn, on Flickr Untitled by AlpineTarn, on Flickr
  2. Update: I have 2 22cm screws left. PM me if interested.
  3. Update: 4 22cm screws remaining. Thanks for your purchase Zach!
  4. Price reduced to $35/screw. Shipping not included. Happy to meetup anywhere in the greater Puget sound area for free.
  5. The 13 cm screws are sold. I still have plenty of 22 cm screws.
  6. I have 6 22cm screws and 2 13cm screws for sale. All are in like new condition. I'm not sure the 13s were ever even used. Selling them for $40/each. Shoot me a PM if interested. I drive all over Puget Sound for work. Happy to meet up. Shipping not included.
  7. There are all kinds of cool badgers. I looked at my profile. I have a lead belay certification badger, a top rope certification badger, an intermediate climbing class badger, and a basic climbing class badger. The last badger is really puzzling because I never took the basic class but I'm all about badgers. I think my TR of Willis Wall provoked the climbing committed to remove my climb leader badger because that furry critter appears to be missing. My apologies to my pirate friend. It's better on the outside Steve. You get to laugh at the ridiculousness of the introverted engineers who make dumb decisions like this one.
  8. Not a joke: https://mountaineers.org/volunteers/leader-badges/leader-badges
  9. SOLD $175. Hardly used and in immaculate condition. PM me if interested. Price does not include shipping but does include drop-off in the greater Puget Sound area. I'm on the road for work all week and I'm happy to drop this any place I go (between Longview and Canada including the Olympic Peninsula). More info here. eBay feedback under user ID Layback75 SOLD
  10. Sad news. I climbed Das Toof with Tyler back in 2011. He's pictured on the left in this photo: And here's another one of him shouldering an enourmous pack for Das Toof so that his rope mate, who weighed about 100 lbs soaking wet, wouldn't have to carry the rope: I was very impressed with his climbing ability and willingness to help others. In the brief time we spent together I felt strongly that he'd be someone I'd be willing to share a rope with on other, more committing climbs. Regrettably that never happened. Rest in peace Tyler.
  11. Shit - No actually. It's been so long since I used my cobras (different set as you know) I didn't realize how badly I screwed that up. Doh! No extras. Just axe... $75.
  12. The problem isn't specifically guns or laws. The problem is that our society has eroded to a place where this is happening more and more. I had already forgotten about the Oregon Mall shooting when my mother in CT texted me this morning to share the news with me. Had this not been in my home state I probably would have shrugged it off like I did Virginia Tech. We're all getting numb to this sort of nonsense. 50 years ago if there was a homicide it was BIG news. Now homocides are commonplace and we rarely hear about them unless they're nearby. When was the last time any of you raised an eyebrow when you heard that someone had been shot in Seattle? So while guns aren't specifically the problem, and the fact remains that tighter gun control couldn't have prevented this, I submit to you that there are a lot of other murders and school shootings where tighter gun control could have made the difference. That dude pulled the trigger because someone already took violence to a level where it was imaginable to shoot up a high school or a college. It became thinkable for the Columbine gunmen to commit mass murder because someone else had raised the bar. More gun control means less murders means the bar won't get raised as quickly. I'm all for second amendment rights but there has to be a place where right to bear arms and right to safety meets in the middle. Clearly nuclear weapon aren't specifically accounted for in the second amendment yet we're not permitted to posses them. Regrettably, I believe that we're at a place as a society where school shootings are here to stay. I'm sad for my kids and the lack of freedom they'll enjoy as a result.
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