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  1. FS Metolius Ultralight Power Cams

  2. FS: NEW La Sportiva Batura Boots 2011 43.5

  3. Good Ski Mountaineering Boots for wider feet?

    Thanks for the tips. I guess I should also read past threads and such but the market changes quickly so it's great to hear from recent shoppers. I do think skis would help cover ground better, certainly on the descents. Selection is bad and I'll end up ordering a handful of candidate boots from a place with a bulletproof return policy. Thanks for the tips I will check this out.
  4. Good Ski Mountaineering Boots for wider feet?

    Also I'm a beginner skier. Basically I want a way of traversing 2rd, 3rd class snow covered terrain without using snowshoes, while at the same time the gear should be able to do some moderately technical mountaineering ascents and descents. Money is not a big problem, weight is the focus.
  5. I have slightly wider feet (102mm width at 26-26.5 size) Can someone recommend a few state of the art ski mountaineering boots? I know only a little about the gear, so context would be greatly appreciated. I tried to do a little research. It appears dnyafit TLT5 are too narrow at size 26, and I would need ZZERO4 boots if I wanted to buy dynafit, since they are 102mm at size 26. But this is only one brand. If you don't know too much about width, a list of good brands to search would also be good. Thanks alot for reading.
  6. I was looking to do Mt Shasta this week, but conditions are not ideal in mid week when I want to go. Other than Mt Whitney, which I have done, what are other mountaineering objectives that are popular? (so there will be conditions information about them and trailhead access in March)
  7. Medical and Utility Pharmaceutics Mountaineering

    Not sure about that. Yep, among the mountaineers you see alot of engineers, doctors, etc. But among the doctors you see alot less % of mountaineers.
  8. Medical and Utility Pharmaceutics Mountaineering

    I've changed the wording. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  9. 50m DRY Sterling Ropes 9.8 Velocity/9.2 Nano

    Small price drop.
  10. Medical and Utility Pharmaceutics Mountaineering

    I don't think this is a controversial or argumentative subject. I am not seeking peoples approval of medication and I don't have any opinion, negative or positive. I do seek medical opinions about medicines. There are just very few doctors who mountaineer and it is useful to hear what people here bring to use.
  11. Medical and Utility Pharmaceutics Mountaineering

    There is no conflict. These are tools to be used in an contingency, like how car insurance or airbags, or a PLB is used in an emergency. That is different from using these drugs as part of a plan when no emergency has occurred, ie, climb 4 pitches, take two doses of stimulants, climb 3 more pitches, take more stimulants, etc. You can still be on a hazardous trip where no emergency has occurred.
  12. 50m DRY Sterling Ropes 9.8 Velocity/9.2 Nano

    Nope, I am far, far away. Unless you can see cactus out your window, these ropes will have to be shipped.
  13. La Sportiva Olympus Mons

    Size? Where are you? You probably want to give some pictures...
  14. These single ropes handle great and from the reviews the sheathes are pretty durable. I got a good price on these ropes, so I got a few extra, unused. These ropes are not bipattern. I have had these ropes stored only for a few weeks. These ropes have remained in their original shipping box, in the original manufacturer plastic. They have not been used, uncoiled or damaged in any way. Sterling Rope Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Rope 50m DRY (Bicolor Yellow (not bipattern)). $150 Shipped to CONUS. http://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/product_Sterling-Rope-Evolution-Velocity-9.8mm-Rope_10091149_10208_10000001_-1_ Sterling Fusion Nano Dry Single Rope - 9.2mm 50m DRY (PURPLE) $140 Shipped to CONUS. http://www.backcountry.com/sterling-fusion-nano-single-rope-9.2mm-ste0022? Prices do not include paypal fee, please pay or otherwise eliminate this fee.
  15. Medical and Utility Pharmaceutics Mountaineering

    This is probably the greatest TR ever. It almost makes this asinine thread worthwhile. I must go to that hut... Have to agree on this point. Ok so the experienced posters pretty much confirm my intuition that stimulants don't make any sense. I just wanted to check because this idea sort of comes from a major mountaineering friend of mine a few years ago who used some mild, over the counter stimulants on his girlfriend once on a hike...maybe he was trying to accomplish something else.