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  1. I second the antiperspirant. It works. Gold bond too. It's not great putting aluminum in you body, but worth it in this case.
  2. Good ideas so far. In the past I've heard of people working with/partnering with the boy scouts to get insurance. Not sure they are still doing this. The above comment is spot on about not being their "teacher". Unless you have a formal club, and are insured. Risk management would be all over you. Finally, it's really important to be ready to pull the plug at any moment with the whole group, or have two vehicles, and at least two leaders (with one of them designated to take any sick or lame home early, if needed). And now days, you probably need 3 in the car if they are minors.....
  3. I assume Mountain Project.com is still around for beta? Flagstone might have what you are looking for. Kid friendly. 25 minutes south on gravel roads off McKenzie Pass Hwy. Turn off at Finn Rock.
  4. Glacier crossing? Snow on ridge? Thanks!
  5. Tommy looks odd in the vertical adida$ $trips running down his pants. Pays for diapers I guess.
  6. You just have to find out if the road is open beyond Bachelor. If you can get to the trailhead, it should be pretty easy. Might need snowshoes/skies up higher. I always liked Diamond Pk around Thanksgiving. It's a big little mountain. Easy to get beta, close to eugene. Or just Mt. Bike around Oakridge.
  7. Agreed!! Except the way down can hammer the quads in a "Hey, remember ME!!!" In a not so nice way.
  8. Here are pictures: http://eugene.craigslist.org/for/4600497071.html 17 pins and blades 3 leaper hooks 4 hooks 4 bashies Fifi hook rivit hook Hammer with funkness device. Pika drill and bit. Aid style gear sling 2 Re-bolts 250.00 Txt me. I'll even ship for free... 541-912-Eight Two Nine Nine Lee
  9. Drive to camp 4 during the night, pull into the campground and get in line at 5am to get a spot. Live in camp 4 as much as you can during the summer. Meet as many people as you can and offer them cold beer and burritos-warm beer works too. Camp 4 is one of the friendliest climber places around. Be up front about you abilities and you should find people to take you out. The reader board is full of partner requests. If you can't find a partner go bouldering.
  10. That looked like an amazing day on the mountain! Way to get out and enjoy a beautiful day. Thanks for including the personal touch at the end. Anyone who has lost someone can see what a special moment that was.
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