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  1. If you have hexes and nuts i would like to take them.
  2. Invitation to Karakoram.

    @JasonG It's a wild place and is in open zone uncountable virgin peaks and the good thing you don't need a climbing permit.
  3. Invitation to Karakoram.

    I keep on seeing these areas u mentioned only in videos as I don't know if I will ever be able to visit them myself.Oh yes I will join supertopo.com definitely. Below are some pictures of Nanghma Valley where I went to climb Nanghma Valley has wall gigantic walls like Amin brakk,Zang brakk and The great wall.
  4. Invitation to Karakoram.

    @Alisse Hello there I was googling haulbags images because just even the gear images facinates me through a photo of A5 haul bag I discovered Cascadesclimbers. 😊
  5. Hi I am looking for used haul bags if somebody wants to give it away or wants to sell it cheap please let me know. Thanks
  6. Invitation to Karakoram.

    Hi, I am new to Cascadesclimbers and actually I have never used a forum before so I don't know how it works, so yeah I am Shehryar Khattak a student of product design from Pakistan and I am a rock climber among the very few. We are open to host any big wall climbers who wants to come climb and exchange the knowledge with us. I have recently started going in to Karakoram to learn big wall art by myself as rock climbing is very new here and we don't have any big wall climber who can take me under the wing, I will be please to make friends here. If you guys want to ask something about climbing or just want to chat please feel free to email me at "sktalkie@gmail.com" or comment below. Thanks.