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  1. I've still got a few tickets to this weekends Telluride film festival for April 25th at 7 PM in Bellevue at BCC for $10. I don't have any left for the UW showing on April 24th, although I think they'll sell them at the door for $12.50. Let me know if you are interested in the BCC show and I'll get them to you. Here are the movies being shown below: MOUNTAINFILM ON TOUR APRIL 24 - UW HUB - SEATTLE SHOW #1: Total running film time: 126 minutes (FILMS WILL NOT BE SHOWN IN THIS ORDER) # OPENING SHORT #1 4 min # POST-INTERMISSION INTRO 4 min # RIVER RUNNERS OF THE GRAND CANYON 8 min (rivers/archival/humor) # TSAATAN 26 min (culture/environment) # SACRED WAVE 26 min (surfing/windsurfing) # MONTY PYTHON: HAIRDRESSER?S EXPED. TO EVEREST 4 min (mountaineering/humor) # I MADE IT 40 min (mountaineering) # DIARY OF A FLAGGER 11 min (mountain culture) # A DIOS 5 min (culture) APRIL 25 - BCC - BELLEVUE SHOW #2: Total running film time: 131 minutes (FILMS WILL NOT BE SHOWN IN THIS ORDER) # OPENING SHORT 4 min # POST-INTERMISSION INTRO 4 min # UNIZABA 11 min (unicycling) # BALANCE 7 min (culture) # POROROCA 26 min (surfing) # THE BEAST WITHIN 45 min (culture/urban sports) # EASTERN TIDE & BISCUIT 24 min (climbing) # FULTON?S WHAT DO YOU THINK 4 min (enviro) # YOU FORGOT YOUR SHOE 4 min (culture) extras # ENDURING SPIRIT 5 min # RIVERSENSE 30 min # CAGED BIRDS 4 min # THE JANITOR 4 min # DIRT 4 min Film Descriptions RIVER RUNNERS OF THE GRAND CANYON Don Briggs No one knows more about Grand Canyon history than river runner/filmmaker Don Briggs*two vignettes, archival footage from the 1800s to the 1950s, that follow two whacky and somewhat successful trips down the Grand Canyon by unconventional means. (US, 2003 festival, 8 min) EASTERN TIDE Todd Foster Bouldering is all the rage in the climbing world currently, and previously ignored terrain everywhere is now getting intense scrutiny as a possible climb. The climbers of Nova Scotia, living in a bouldering Mecca, have extensively developed seaside and inland areas. Braving the tides and venturing into the bug-infested woods, this small but tight community of climbers demonstrates why the modern bouldering scene has grown so rapidly and has such fervent adherents. (Canada, 2003 festival, 22 min) POROROCA Joachim Hellinger "In the ocean a good wave might last 30 seconds; but the pororoca, you can surf several minutes." - Carlos Burle This is the story of a mystic expedition deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle to ride a strange tidal wave hundreds of kilometers from the ocean ? the most exotic surf trip ever. With the dry season drawing to a close and the full moon setting in the West, an unusual natural phenomenon creates a great roar, know as poroc poroc in the native Tupi Indian dialect, that can be heard throughout the Amazon?s many mouths. With that river?s seaward flow at a minimum, twice a year huge Atlantic tides hurl the water straight back with a devastating fury. Ross Clarke-Jones, winner of the Hawaii "Eddie Aiku," the most prestigious event in surfing, joins Carlos Burle, Brazilian winner of the Reef Big Wave World Championship, and others to see if these big waves can be ridden. (Germany, 2003 festival, 26 min) THE UNCONQUERABLE SUMMIT Anatoli Bukreev did not ask for either celebrity or notoriety, but they both found him. An integral player in the INTO THIN AIR disaster on Everest in 1996, Anatoli was both praised and damned for his actions that day. The debate continues still, but Anatoli did not let it slow him down. One of the strongest climbers ever, he continued to climb at the very pinnacle of the sport, meeting an untimely end on Annapurna on Christmas day, 1997. Here is a side of Anatoli that most of us have never seen, and we come away with a fresh appreciation for the dedication and selflessness he brought to life in the mountains. (Russia, 2003 festival, 40 min) I MADE IT Fredrik Blomquist Amid all the craziness generated by the recent Everest hysteria, Sweden?s Goran Kropp, had a simpler approach. Figure what you need to climb Everest alone, lay it out in the kitchen, strap it on to your bike, ride across Europe and Asia and go climb the mountain. This disarming tale, one man?s determination "to do it my way," is at the core of a very human approach to adventure. Perfectly photographed and charmingly told. Kropp won over our hearts when he visited us at MountainFilm in Telluride, and his untimely death in 2002 inspired us to bring back his story on Tour. (Sweden, 2003 Festival, 46 min.) TSAATAN: THE REINDEER RIDERS "As long as there are reindeer, there will be Tsaatan." Frederic Fougea presents a film by Jacques Malaterre, an exquisite glimpse into the lives of the Tsaatan clan who tend their herds of reindeer in the Sa*an Mountains of Mongolia. (France, 26 min) DIARY OF A FLAGGER Barry Smith We?ve all seen them standing in the hot sun, guarding road crews, staring past traffic that zooms by a foot away. What do they think about? This particular flagger finds a whole array of diversions to pass the hours, in the process giving us a new way to think about the flaggers as we drive past them. (US, 2003 festival, 11 min.) A D*OS Jean-St*phane Sauvaire A filmmaker follows a young boy as he wanders the streets of his neighborhood in Colombia with an old TV ? a wordless commentary on the influence of television on the cultures of today set to the rhythmic melodies of Los Hermanos Zuleta. You will never look at your television in the same way again. (France, 5 min) UNIZABA ova Scotia, living in a bouldering Sean White One-wheel master Kris Holm cycles down Mexico?s highest volcano and through the streets of Mexico City, into the most unlikely places. (Canada, 11 min) 1 GIANT LEAP Jamie Catto & Duncan Bridgeman When Neil Armstrong placed a foot on the moon and uttered his famous "one giant leap:" phrase, he didn?t imagine how far two talented young Brits, Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman, might one day run with it. The two musicians set upon a global odyssey, wending their way through five continents of music and making a searing, jubilant, and original film. Parts of this international project, which looks at the juxtaposition of music, culture, politics, and values, may include pieces on "Money," "Time" and "Blasphemy," each approximately 15 minutes in length. (US/UK, 2003 festival, 12-15 min excerpts) THE BEAST WITHIN (Best Independent Documentary, MOUNTAINFILM 2003) Joshua Davis and Joanna Silber The credo of many adventurers is, "Why bother if success is assured?" This thought must have occurred to Josh Davis when he decided to augment his writing career with a stint on the professional arm-wrestling circuit. Depending on your definition of success, such as victory or survival, Davis releases his beast within and interestingly finds himself between Alice in Wonderland and the Incredible Hulk. (United States, 45 min.) YOU FORGOT YOUR SHOE (part of "Spotlights on Massacre") Pavel Lounguine A young Russian boy wants to buy a pair of shoes, but his mother cannot justify the price until a former soldier intervenes. (Russia, 2003 festival, 3 min.) AKI?S STORY Josh Peace In spite of the nominal end of the Khmer Rouge?s genocidal regime, the devastation of Cambodia continues to this day in the form of land mines still buried in the ground. Deadly decades after their placement, these mines are still a lethal threat until they are removed or blown up. Driven by contrition at his multiple conscriptions into various armies, during which he placed mines himself, Aki Ra has dedicated his life to the removal of every remaining land mine from Cambodian soil. An astoundingly courageous man, he displays an unswerving commitment to the reparation of his country and its people. (Canada, 2003 festival, 12 min) FULTON?S WHAT DO YOU THINK? Robert Fulton In a mere four minutes, pilot Robert Fulton provokes us to seriously consider the world?s population, environmental health, and the future that lies ahead, forcing us to ask ourselves, Really, What do we think? (USA, 4 min)
  2. The Telluride Mountain Film festival is coming to Seattle on April 24 (at the HUB on the UW campus), and Bellevue on April 25 (Bellevue Community College), and I'm volunteering to help sell tickets for the Skiforall Nordic program. Buy a ticket for $10, and ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT SKIFORALL NORDIC, as all set up costs are being donated. PM me, or send a note to jennyschoenberg@yahoo.com and I'll get the tickets to you. If you don't know what Skiforall is, it is an awesome organization that I volunteer with every winter teaching/coaching disabled people to ski. Check out the website with pictures at: http://sfanord.tripod.com/ or www.skiforall.org If you've been to the Banff Mountain Film festival, this one is similar. See more info below: www.telluridefilmfestival.com or www.mountainfilm.org/tour.html Sat and Sun will each show a different collection of films from last year's Telluride Film Festival, with approximately 3 hours of footage each night. The films showcased at Telluride in the past have been quite impressive. "Our audiences were the first in the world to partake of MY DINNER WITH ANDRE, to visit TWIN PEAKS, to witness THE CIVIL WAR and to learn the secret of THE CRYING GAME. We resurrected the silent epic NAPOLEON, and highlighted the genius of animator Chuck Jones." from the Telluride Film Festival website.
  3. Didn't you come Dave??? No, I didn't see ya there. Shoulda come, we were a bunch of fun and cute climbers - we're nice to guys too - we've all graduated with flying colors from the Alpine Finishing School for Ladies after all, or have received diplomas of equivalency for our super duper refined technique. It was fun. We made plans to go telemark skiing, ice climbing, GPS training night, and sailing, and maybe come up with a team to do an all night adventure race - Hood - to - Coast or similar. Some of us climb at Stone Gardens, so a climbing night, like Sisters on stone at VW, was talked about. All in all, made some more climbing contacts, which I always need. All of these women know guys as well of course, so hopefully I'll meet guys through this to climb with too. Perhaps this website is kind of intimidating (or is it me that is intimidating to the guys with my incredibly formidable group of all women climbers?) but feel free to just ask me if you want further information, PM me.
  4. women rock- men feel free to post

    A friend is involved with chicksrock- she sees it as an opportunity for women to lead in the backcountry. I see what she means - I've been out climbing with guys, and usually they are faster than me - this means that sometimes the routefinding is done by them, and I don't learn as much as I could by making my own decisions. Maybe that is my fault though. When it comes to rock climbing, I've only been encouraged to lead by guys, and if they take over, it is only because they are more experienced and able than me on a particular route, not because they are a 'guy' and I'm a 'girl'. I do think it's inspiring to see women out climbing with women - you don't see that that much. For me, I mainly want to meet other climbers and get experience leading. Who cares if they're all women! I know more guy climbers than women climbers, so I'll definitely get a chance to climb with guys too, or whoever else I get along with and who knows what they are doing is safe etc. regardless of gender. On a different, but similar, is that I've noticed that playing some sports with all women can be really fun in a different way - like ultimate frisbee. I'm going to do chickflick too, an all women's tournament, (go ahead and spray about how I'm doing that too), just because it'll be fun to play with all women and get a chance to touch the disc more than I probably normally would!
  5. Thanks ehmmic. Yep, I was being serious guyz, no joke. But I will make sure to report back on Thursday morning about all the guyz that myseriously show up.
  6. 'Chicksrock', a Seattle based women's climbing network, is meeting at the Elysian Brewery on Capitol Hill this Wednesday at 7PM in Seattle. All you women out there, come by if you want to meet up other climbers and take a break and have a beer.
  7. Denali Climbing Rangers

    I was at his house last night watching the show, and he seems to be doing just fine. They misreported his ailment though. It was apparently some kind of hypoglycemic insulin reaction - not edema. Two other Seattle climbers appeared in the show in the background, although very very briefly! You had to pause it to see them. I thought the narrative guy was kind of crazy. What was he doing drinking out of his pee bottle the next day? And stuffing all those socks in his pants! Fun show to watch, but too dramatic.
  8. Favorite climbing book?

    Endurance about Shackleton's Antartica fiasco. Not a climbing book, but it has one of the greatest traverses ever done across Georgia island (?) by Shackleton and three other people - over mountains and glaciers with hardly any gear. A glissade down a steep hillside in a white out with no gear and no idea if there is a runout (risky!!). I won't tell you what happens, but Conrad Anker tried the same traverse a few years ago and thought it was very hard even nowadays. How did they do it!
  9. Rock Fall is gonna kill us all

    Sheesh, I'm glad you are okay. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if there was an earthquake or something at the very moment I'm attached to the rock precariously on a ledge. That could happen! But you can't worry about that stuff too much, or all the things that COULD happen, you could die in your own living room during an earthquake! Remember there are no bold and old climbers, there are just old climbers. Not that you were being bold, but good job turning away from it when it didn't feel right!
  10. Tele class

    I've also heard that the WAC telemark class on Weds nights up at Snoqualmie is really good. I think you get 7 lessons for $125.
  11. Beck Rain Fest

    I was one of those lurkers who came by, (kind of apprehensively after visiting this site!) and didn't know what to expect! It was fun meeting you all though - I never met trask, but yes, it's proven that you are all very friendly.