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  1. Hi there, For sale is a Cilogear 60L worksack. It's about 8 years old now, but I really haven't used it all that much (fewer than 10 trips) so it's still in very good condition. There are some scuffs on the bottom and one hole in the red fabric on the front side next to one of the strap attachment points (pictured). It's also missing one of the buckles on the hip belt. Otherwise it's good. There was a factory recall on these packs a few years ago to get the riser straps properly sewed to the shoulder straps. I took it into Rainy Pass Repair and had the work done to the manufacturer's specifications and at their expense. Included are all of the straps that came with the pack, the floating lid and I added two gear loops to the hip belt (easily removed). I'm asking $120. They retail for $310, so if you're willing to do a small patch job on the front it's a pretty good deal for a pack with a lot of life left. Email me if you have any questions, want to see more pictures, take a look at the pack or make an offer. I'm in the Seattle area and have lots of free time, so I prefer to meet in person. I'm also driving up to Bellingham on Friday and can potentially meet there. My email address is tthirloway at gmail dot com Thanks for looking, Tyler http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=113797&title=front&cat=516 http://cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=113798&title=hole&cat=516
  2. Thinking something close to Seattle, but I'd be willing to go as far as Hood if the conditions look right. The weather looks good, just so long as the snow stabilizes. Anybody? PM me.
  3. Any thoughts on climbing conditions (generally) in the second half of May? Will the rock faces be covered? Will I need skis?
  4. You can definitely climb the Grand and be down in time for happy hour, but most years the Owen-Spalding route doesn't melt out until July. The Upper Exum might come in a little earlier. If you need climbing partners in the Tetons check out the Climber's Ranch.
  5. Nope, I didn't know that. Thanks. Do the huts stay open?
  6. I'm planning a two week climbing trip to Mont Blanc in either late April or mid-May. (I know that's not too specific, but the plans are just starting to come together.) I am looking for alpine climbing partners (snow/ice/rock). If anyone is going to be there or knows anyone who will I would love to talk to you/them. Also any route suggestions would be appreciated as I have never been. Thanks.
  7. I was thinking of something near Seattle - maybe Chair. The weather should be good. PM me.
  8. Bump. Still available and I might be able to deliver it within the Seattle/Tacoma area.
  9. I built a bed platform for my 89 Toyota pickup a few years ago, but now my truck is dead and I no longer need it. The platform rests on 2x4 braces and the wheel wells so you have about 7-8 inches of space to slide things under. Nothing too fancy, but it's easy to set up, remove and store. Should fit any 6 foot Toyota bed. Located in Tacoma and free to the first person who picks it up. Email me at tthirloway at gmail dot com if you want it.
  10. I went part of the way up there on Tuesday and got a decent look at the east face and NE Butt. The snow is pretty soft and wet and there isn't a whole lot of it on the steeper sections. Lots of areas of bare rock and no ice to speak of. Made me call off my own attempt, but maybe with this cold weather some ice will form on the NE butt...
  11. Has anybody been skiing around the Southern Pickets? Anything good? How's the approach? I was thinking about coming in from Newhalem. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  12. I'm spending the summer living in Jackson, Wyoming and looking for climbing partners. If anyone is going to be around and wants to come climb something in the Tetons or Winds, email me at tthirloway at gmail dot com I should have plenty of free time. tyler
  13. I'm looking to do some alpine climbing during the week of May 19-23. I was thinking of Greybeard, Shuksan, Rainier, Stuart or others - rock, ice or snow and I'm open to suggestions. PM me if you have some time. Long or short trips both work for me. tyler
  14. Still available - I'll negotiate on the price.
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