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  1. Latest Threads

    I click on three of the "latest threads" and I get "access denied". What gives?
  2. LIke a Giant Floating Hunk of Meat

    Sweet. Now I can paint the Moon.
  3. Latest Threads

    "How to use this forum" "Announcements and calls for submissions" "FTP info" "Mission, goals, philosophy" "Meeting Minutes"
  4. Latest Threads

    Thank you. Why do I not have access?
  5. The God Wars

    I'm all for Tyr and Loki.
  6. climbing the north face of shuksan on sunday

    Lots of new snow low in the hills this morning....
  7. Question for the Liberals

    retirement plan A you need a plan B as well Slots.
  8. Martyrs

    I say we just melt the place into glass with atomics. 100% effective road to peace in the middle east. Better yet, we should INVADE palestine and remove Arafat, etc, from power. That should make everyone happy.
  9. Marathon trip to Polar Circus from Portland?

    Today is March 25th. Conditions tend to change over a nine day period in the spring, IMHO.
  10. Question for the Liberals

    My Ordinance and Combat Consumables fund is doing AWESOME!! Fuck that "Green" shit. Defense Systems Technology fund is also screaming right along.
  11. Mt. Baker In A Day - Suggested Route?

    CD Leave trail by midnight, sunrise on the summit, alone if you're lucky, back to car before noon, if your fast. My fastest time was 9.5h C2C (no skis), but that was early June, and I brewed up at the base of the Roman Wall. Watch crevasses at the top of the snowfield above the hogsback, they are more open in the last few years than usual, and if it's dark it's a non-descript area, easy to get too far to the right or left. Aim for the rocks that peek out on the sky line, and take them on the left, get too right, gets steep, too leftr, crevasses.
  12. Finally!!!

    Finally, local governments are starting to look out for the mental, fiscal, and physical well being of their citizens, and taking steps to improve the quality of human life for everyone. It's about time!!!
  13. Mirror

  14. fun climbing website

    P2 of Banana Peel, Squish.
  15. Climbing gyms in Bellingham?

    The Y Leading Edge WWU MisterE's living room
  16. Mirror

    So, smart ass, at what frequency and amplitude would a super-string need to vibrate at to produce a tau-meson? Additionally, discussions about "basic" science concepts often lead to the exposure of widely-held misconceptions. Take centrifugal force, for example
  17. Mirror

    Isn't saying that a difference is "not even noticable" the same as saying that two things are "identical"?
  18. Fight Club Smile

    My testicles are so far up into my abdomen that I don't think they'll ever come down!! Jesus Christ!! "I'll never bite the rope, I'll never bite the rope, I'll never bite the rope..."
  19. Troll-o-matic

    What issue are you currently the most sensitive about, and what is your position regarding this issue?
  20. 6.5 HOURS TO GO

    6 minutes
  21. Troll-o-matic

    whole lotta love EEAROUGH!!! whole lotta love EEAROUGH!!! whole lotta love EEAROUGH!!! whole lotta love EEAAARRROOOUUGGGHH!!!
  22. Troll-o-matic

    Yes. I'm terribly afraid that no one will like me. Will you be my friend?
  23. Troll-o-matic

    ...and why is that klunky is such a tool?
  24. Name Dropping Poseur Photo

    ...and I was so close!