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  1. trying to find someone to do the route in a day.call 360-815-1793.
  2. alpine for the weekend

    looking to do something alpine this weekend, would prefer some steeper snow and ice but alpine rock is cool too.
  3. the couloir off of early winter spire?

    thanks for the info guys. i apologize for not clarifying the exact route, it is the southwest couloir of south early winter spires. danielpatricksmith: is that the route you were talking about? any recomendations on gear for the southwest couloir? thanks
  4. wondering if any of you know of the route I am talking about, any info on it and the current conditions?
  5. anybody interested?email to choyu21@comcast.net or call 360-815-1793.
  6. Anyone been up there latley, pretty thin or what?
  7. Shuksan Route Conditions?

    Wondering if anyone has been up on the north face of shuksan recently? I saw the post from a week ago and was wondering if anyone actually tried it or not? Curious what a little bit of snow may do to the route also, so if anyone has beta, lets hear it.
  8. It's early, but I am already thinking about denali for next year and need partners for may or june on either the west rib or the west buttress. Been there a few times and looking foward to going back.
  9. looking for partners to go to Elbrus with towards the end of August. If anyone is interested or has any advice they want to share call me at 360-815-1793.
  10. Help a girl out -- need partners.

    Do you do any alpine stuff. I'm kind of a weak rock climber but I'm looking for someone to do alpine-like climbs with. And also looking for some one to go to Russia with at the end of August to climb Mt. Elbrus. Call me if you are interested and if your not, thats cool too. Mike 360-815-1793
  11. Partner(s) for Liberty Ridge

    when can you do it? call me at 360-815-1793. Mike
  12. Partner(s) for Liberty Ridge

    did you guys go already? if not call me to do it next week at 360-815-1793.
  13. Liberty Ridge next week

    Really want to get up do the ridge next week. Call me if you are interested at 360-815-1793.
  14. Climbing/Training Partner?

    I'm up for climbing just about anything, any weekend. Call me at 360-815-1793 and leave me a message if I don't pick up. I'm really into the volcanoes and have spent many great climbs on them. Thanks. Mike
  15. looking for a summer climbing partner

    I guess all of our definitions of intermediate are different. Still looking for someone to join in on Rainier for this weekend though.