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  1. Liberty Ridge 24th-26th

    sport climbing at marymore sounds better than that.
  2. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    And for every Avatar you admit to you have at least 5 more, including the one used (or unused) for nice comments!
  3. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    Your screen name has Gaper in it.
  4. Gibralter Chute

    Do you really need a new thread to post what you already posted? and I thought I was a gaper.
  5. Bad Belay

    I was on a sport route at 38, and I'm about 30' up, I look down to see my "belayer" lightin' up a cigarette! While I could care less if people smoke, I was about 10' above my last (i'm shamed to say...) bolt, so depending on his reaction time I could have made myself a little gaper-crater. that sucked, I've never climbed with him since... p.s. what kind of beer should I have for lunch...
  6. Wanted offset cams

    I don't know of anyone getting rid of them, but Mountain Gear in spokane has decent prices www.mgear.com. sometimes they have a selectionof last years ( I got my friends cheap)
  7. Stuart range?

    yeah, I have to say that's pretty fu#@ed up right there, I have worked with autistic and handicapped people quite a bit, and that poster is probably the most rude and offensive thing that I have ever seen on this site. Mountain(man?) grow up you stupid fuck.
  8. Pub Club 4/23

  9. liberty bell

    I heard the Liberty Bell is open 24 hours a day! That means you can get your tacos and burritos anytime! Oh wait, I guess that's Taco Bell... My BAd. gaper#2
  10. Eastside Pub Club

    how about a pub club at the Deja Vu or lusty lady, or.... although we'll have to drink first.
  11. who the f@&k

    Lammy, dude, I go to porn sites all the time, and I don't get one, not ONE, shred of christian spam. Erik, are you logging onto the TBN or trolling for christian divorcees?
  12. Larry the Tool Sucks

    I may be a Gaper, but I hate the MAN. check out this site. http://antifee.bizhosting.com/ and also, www.aznofee.org both of these sites are against user fees, and offer some resources to help fight the tyranny!!! -Gaper2
  13. Who will win the Stanley Cup eh?

    Yeah, sharks suck even more than mountaineers!!!!
  14. Spray and slander

    Gape On, Caveman!
  15. stuff to make life easier

    breath mints.
  16. New Climbing Club!

    I think that we should really meet at hOOters!!! Hell, let's climb those babes!!!
  17. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    did someone say GAPE!!!!
  18. New Climbing Club!

    FOR GAPERS ONLY!!! Salty's on Alki. Tuesday, 6PM. Cause we don't spend our money of stupid gear, we can go to high class establishments.
  19. New Climbing Club!

    I'm in the never will be category for sure! Hook me up gaping brothers/sisters.
  20. Pub Club 4/23

    I'm not gonna come to your girly little social thingie. Besides the alki is the nastiest smoker bar on earth! (although I smoke at least a pack a day myself.) later turd crunchers.
  21. Let's Vote off the biggest Gaper

    i can't even spel... I truly am the Gaper of choice. FEAR THE GAPER!
  22. Let's Vote off the biggest Gaper

    I Gape, a can't climb out of bed, a ladder or anything... I exude pure gaposcity, I am the kink gaper.
  23. puppycam

    Wheres the pan/tilt/zoom?
  24. puppycam

    here doggy, doggy....