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  1. Hi Andrew, Did you find a specialist that you liked? I'm having problems with the joints in my hands and the doc I'm seeing isn't helping. I'm also in the Seattle area. Alicia
  2. I found two jackets on Mailbox. If you think they are yours or know who they might belong to email me at trilliumovatum@hotmail.com.
  3. Okay it's on Sunday from 7-9 on KMYQ. Whatever channel that is . . .
  4. Break from the politics for a second . . . I need help with my retardation. There's a show called Legend of the Seeker, and if you're into fantasy stuff it's great. It has all the hallmarks of classic fantasy: a prophecy, chosen one, gorgeous female sidekick, magic weapon, wizard, evil guy trying to take over the world, etc. I don't actually have cable tv hooked up, just cable internet, so I've been streaming netflix over my xbox to watch season 1. Season 2 is supposed to start this weekend, and I want to go over to my out of town in-laws house to watch it, but I have no idea what time/channel it is on, and no idea how to find this out. Numerous internet searches are revealing articles and reviews, release dates for various episodes, but no actual date, time, channel to watch it on. Seriously, this should not be that hard to find out. Anybody have any ideas on how to find this out? Or if you already watch it, when is it on? Thanks. And feel free to spray/flame/whatever.
  5. Thanks for posting; this is awesome, you made my day! I'm still laughing from at least 3 of them.
  6. I thought this thread was going to be about The Nothing from that 80's moving The Never Ending Story, and people would be posting really stunning pics of storms in the mountains.
  7. My regular partner is out tomorrow evening; anyone want to trade belays?
  8. Trillium

    Stone Nudes

    There actually was a men's calendar a few years ago. Disappointing that he dropped it. Personally I wish he'd put together a coffee table book with an even mix of men and women. He's a fantastic photographer, and men and women (especially climbers) are both beautiful.
  9. My roommate's selling his subaru . . . 147000 miles, new starter, timing belt, water pump He's asking $1300 It's in Olympia right now but he can take it to the Seattle area . . . Email him at: fozzyfur@yahoo.com
  10. damn, those are some sexy feet! hey carolyn, can you post that pic of yer fingers? appreciate the help, trillium
  11. I'm finishing up a paper on the use of pnw native medicinal plants in field trauma situations, and i could use some photos to spice it up . . . Anybody have any pictures of gnarly injuries, preferably with mountains/rocks/trees/plants in the background? I surfed around the photo gallery's hard wo/men in action section, but there weren't any hard wo/men in inaction photos. If you've got any, please post! thanks, trillium
  12. Just bringing this back to the top, I'd also like to know . . .
  13. If you read espanol, check out these guys: http://www.vertimania.com.mx/página_principal.htm They might be able to hook you up.
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