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  1. Bolt-mania

    Word, the route is not complete yet ,so I hear, I was also told that unless you want a car size boulder on you head to stay away from the base this next season
  2. Hot Over Rocks

    quote: Originally posted by Bug: I came to climb. I bolted instead. Now I am shit. I came, I cranked on bolts, now I am wicked strong. I sent 18 pitches while you dicked around on 4, and still had time to slam some brew
  3. carpenter? anyone?

    Try the union carpenters hall.
  4. Hot Over Rocks

    One of the big problems is Osama Bill is mental and craves attention, good or bad , this is not the first climbing area he has stired up sh%#.Winter walk wall was all about Bills ego. To ignore Bill is like delivering a KO. Craig Welch just gave his ego a boost and climbers at the coulee more problems. Fighting amongst climbers should not be a topic of a seattle times article. Craig is just a gaper and knows nothing of the locals or the coulee [ 06-29-2002, 06:53 AM: Message edited by: CAMAZONIA ]
  5. The origination of "trad" vs. "sport" climbers

    First I was a hiker than a peak bagger that turned into mountaineering solo than came sport climbing and trad climbing at about the same time after a couple years the winters became too long so into the gym I went and sometimes I will just party and boulder with friends. So now if it is vertical and especialy if it is steep I don't care what style or ethics I will reach up and pull down hard. And to you all, if you climbed as much as you spray you would be climbing harder and haveing alot more fun.
  6. You might be a Washington gaper if . . .

    quote: Originally posted by Szyjakowski: you complain about shit like people bringing dogs to the crags True sign of a gaper is to bring your out of control pooch climbing Gaper wanker lame ass dog walking gumbys Did you come to climb or walk your friggin dog? I think I will bring my Mute to the crag and let him eat that biskit eaten ass waggin ankle bitein lap dog of yours
  7. Smith this weekend?

    You have got to be kidding Smith this weekend :rolleyes Don't forget bout that bumper to bumper trafic getting back into Seattle Monday Cop Ryan Lawsons anti Smith guide to the outlieing areas and blow off the herd! Some of the local day crags in Washington will be almost empty this weekend.
  8. You might be a washington climber if...

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: You have ethical discussions about bolting on lead after scrubbing on rappel. online on a thread called "TRASK GOBBLES POPES NUT" which is actually a request for information on a Lilloet ice climb This is the best one yet!!!!!
  9. You might be a washington climber if...

    You can't find climbing shoes that fit because you have webbed feet. You have chopped a first accent because your ego is bigger than your climbing ability. You can't road trip to other states because the moss on your back starts to crack. You think the backwoods crag you climb at is better than the vally. Your girlfriend is covered with hair has only one continuous eye brow and big feet. You have a 5ft crow bar on your trad rack and you call climbers that boulder, mat faggots.
  10. Pissed off (and pissed on)

    I have been bitten by a dog just as the owner said he doesn't bite, had a dog dig a hole by my rope bag and cover my just washed rope with dirt, had a dog pull the leader off the rock before the first pro, had dog knock rock from ledge\trail above onto us (black dog named Vader) Owners responce was he is learning . Have seen one climber with leash and didty bag /set pro leash dog and take care of dog. Are you coming to the crag to walk the dog or climb? I have dogs but I leave them at home when I go climbing!! Love dogs, had it with lame ass dog owners . When you come to the crag with your dog take care of it or someone is going to take care of you!! BTW I carry a baseball sized rock when coming late back to the car for that dog growling that doesn't bite
  11. Fossil Rock

    quote: Originally posted by Juneriver: You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never ever choose to be. You're both wrong. Now stop bickering! Damn it your right, you know your tunes! that is the first time I have ever been wrong I feel so weak and inadequate Not really thank you June for the constructive criticism
  12. Fossil Rock

    quote: Originally posted by SpongeBob: For the way that i would never ever choose to be!get it right if your going to repeat it. Is this a troll or are you suffering from cerebralrectumitis because you sure are talk'in out your ars. The band aperfectcircle the lyrics do not come with the CD and if you listen to it as it starts the song Judith that is exactly the way it is sung. How bout this one : better silent a fool than speak out and remove all dought
  13. Fossil Rock

    Where the hell is Fossil rock?
  14. Fossil Rock

    [ 05-15-2002, 09:37 PM: Message edited by: CAMAZONIA ]
  15. Three locked threads in under an hour

    quote: Originally posted by willstrickland: For the record...here's 'bone's original post: goddammit erik, we can hate each other if we want to, you bastard...that's what climbers do when trapped indoors on sunny dayz...they look for excuses to get pissed. moderate this asswipe Thanks Will for the post it is good to know the bone does have some balls. I like it when a man is a man way to go bone, bad move Erik ( and I could have spelled it wrong to piss you off ). Thanks Chuck I just wanted the story . [ 05-15-2002, 06:24 PM: Message edited by: CAMAZONIA ]