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  1. Got blisters?

    I do a lot of ultra running. I learned to pre-tape the normally hot spots of my feet prior to running or climbing. For example of typical alpine ice route I normally blister on big toe and balls of feet from kicking steps or crampons. I tape these areas prior to climbing using second skin with elasticon tape over it. Since I learned these tips I have cut blisters by 95%. There is a lot of great information on foot care available on the Badwater 135 Ultra website. I think footcare information is contained within the information catagory, look around you will find it. There is great book out there Foot Care by Jon Vonhoff. This is great resource for adventure racers, ultra runners and climbers. Hope this helps
  2. Nisqually-Gibraltar Chute

    I was going to attempt the Chute two weekends ago but the weather was horrible. I had contacted Mike Gauthier via e-mail and he said "scott i took a look at the route yesterday and it appeared perfect. i'm not sure what the snow conditions were like, but the chute itself was filled in with snow/ice and the route looked quite climbable. there wasn't any exposed rock... should be good, but climb fast, and keep climbers right as you ascend the chute... mike" hope this helps.
  3. Gibralter Chute

    I am doing Gibralter Chute car to car this Saturday. Was wondering if anyone out there has been on route and if so what shape route is in. Thanks Scott
  4. Rainer - Gib Chute

    I will be climbing Gibralter Chute on Saturday. I was wondering if anyone out there has been on route and if so what shape it is in. Thanks Scott