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  1. Another rappel faiure

    back it up with a nut, hex or cam. HOW much is you and your friends life worth? seems like quite a bargain...even if its a Number 5 camalot.
  2. Department Of Clownland Security

    sounds like my dad. but really it was probably hayduke in the monkey wrench gang by abbey
  3. Lance!

    yes, the unfortunate thing is lance is a tdf snob. still does not diminish the fact that he won 7 in a row. will be a record for years to come.
  4. specialed's tit

    omfg. what about about the lummox boobs <<>> more avatar boobs.... CBS- tell your fuking boob joke, it is still sort of a free country.
  5. Stuart North Ridge Conditions Update - 7/17

    i hear he cleans bathrooms too!
  6. Stewie on the front cover of Climbing

    and better!
  7. Stewie on the front cover of Climbing

    that mt is a pile of over-rated shit. sierras are way better!
  8. Another rappel faiure

    unfortunatley the mountains are alive and ever changing...use your head and when in doubt back it up!!!
  9. Death on Little Annapurna.

    wow, i think my friends and I ran into a mourning father when we were descending asgard late sat evening. saw the chopper too while climbing backbone ridge.
  10. Limestone north of concrete

    that shit was marble.
  11. Limestone north of concrete

    oh no, lance we aint climbing limestone. we are climbing granitic rocks when you get here...granitic rocks. yah know like in your name....g.r.a.n.i.t.e....
  12. Dave Mahre dies at age 77

    wow. never met the man but he sure is a legend.
  13. Icicle Canyon Physics Lab Axed

    Yeaaa no lab, now back to the dirtclimbing in peace. I do hope they cleanup all that petition bullshit promptly. I mean seriously, Why would the NSF waste billions of dollars to drill a 3mile tunnel in the side of a granite mountain? ...nice pipedream mr wick... I do agree tho, the houses past snow creek are bullshit, but we can thank the dumbass govt for not buying the private land from the timber company years ago...probably years before most climbers on this dumbass website even heard of "rock climbing." UUUMmm yes, most of the south-side of the icicle was already logged long before the little ratck fire burned the ridges and threatened the cashmere bulldogs. SLAPPY-are those undeveloped parcels you speak of even climbing worthy acres?? AND for the record the Stanton in Pax's letter is no relation to myself. "May the batholith remain untainted!!!!!!!!!!!!!" THAT IS FUCKING FUNNY!
  14. and while you wankers

    bob, why do the numbers mean so much to you? i mean really does it fukin really matter if the line is 5.4 or 9a? its the line and sights you see that matter. take backbone ridge for instance on dragonarse. that climb is the fuking shit and only 5.9. give it a rest and focus on the fact that those euros repeated a good line not the fact that its 5.fukinlookatmeharddoubleDminusX.
  15. and while you wankers

    huh, did something significant happen?!?
  16. Index bolting/ethics

    nuff said. climb the filthy dirty skanky rock. leave the scrub brush in the tub and jam the dirt you posers. if you can't deal with nature's cards, go back to preschool and relearn the sharing lesson. its not all about you or me...really no one gives a fuck, even if you are jibe...........................
  17. Dru were you lead on this?

    Elaborate Tunnel Revealed Beneath U.S./Canada Border July 21, 2005 By KOMO Staff SEATTLE - Federal agents have shut down a drug-smuggling tunnel built under the U.S.-Canadian border in northwestern Washington, the first such passageway found under the nation's northern border, federal officials said Thursday. Five people were arrested in the case, U.S. Attorney John McKay told a news conference at this border town about 90 miles north of Seattle. McKay said construction of the tunnel began about eight months ago and authorities had been monitoring it for six months. It was sealed shortly after it opened Wednesday. Although numerous smuggling tunnels have been found on the U.S.-Mexican border, this was the first found from Canada, he said. It runs 360 feet from a quonset hut on the Canadian side and ends beneath the living room of a home on the on the U.S. side, 300 feet from the border. Reinforced with lumber, concrete and iron rebar, the tunnel is roughly 4 feet wide and tall, and between 3 feet to 10 feet below ground. It was equipped with lights and ventilation, and burrows under a highway. "They were smart enough to build a sophisticated tunnel, they weren't smart enough to not get caught," McKay said. Arrested Wednesday were Francis Devandra Raj, 30; Timothy Woo, 34; and Johnathan Valenzuela, 27, all of Surrey, British Columbia. They were charged Thursday in U.S. District Court in Seattle with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to import marijuana. Raj owns the property where the tunnel was hidden beneath the quonset hut, authorities said. Woo was a fugitive in a 1999 marijuana case out of Seattle. On July 16, two additional people were arrested in separate incidents for transporting marijuana that had come through the tunnel, said Greg Gassett, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent based in Seattle. One was a Twin Falls, Idaho, woman who authorities say had 93 pounds of marijuana in her vehicle when she was stopped in Ellensburg. A Renton man pulled over by the Washington State Patrol in Enumclaw with 110 pounds of marijuana was also arrested. Authorities are deciding on how to proceed with charges against the two, said McKay. Their names were not released. Pat Fogarty, an inspector with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia, said Canadian Border Service Guards noticed suspicious activity at the hut in February and reported it to his team. "They saw dirt going out and construction materials going in," Fogarty said. "They thought it was something we should check out, reported it to us and we went from there." U.S. officials were alerted and began monitoring the tunnel. "We were in there before it was completed. There was not a day they did anything that we weren't assessing them," Gassett said. On July 2, agents entered the home to examine the tunnel. They later installed cameras and listening devices in the home to monitor activities. Raj, Woo and Valenzuela were observed carrying large bags from the house and into a sport-utility vehicle with Utah plates. The vehicle was then delivered to the woman who was later stopped in Ellensburg.
  18. Index bolting/ethics

    not true, the rock wins the chopping war. bolt is removed from its guts.
  19. Stuart North Ridge Conditions Update - 7/17

    hey gyselinck, when you gonna get a job?
  20. beta on pingora and the cirque of towers

    I will second this, as It is easy to get off the actual "5.4 (?) route" and be suckered into harder climbing... (Forrest-I thought the wolfs head classic route was 5.6???) I do believe there is a fairly "easy" route up the pingora spire...I remember people climbing up what we rapped...SE aspect (I think). course it was 6years ago now...the Cirque is very COOL. take goats or llamas to carry more supplies. and definitely watch the weather....afternoon or late-morning lightening/thunder showers are very very very common. Have fun!
  21. Climbing and modern frustrations

    yes, the other day at index I had a fukin revelation man!
  22. Climbing and modern frustrations

    yes, as a human, we must fuk sheit up or nothing is accomplished.
  23. SPORT ROUTES??? Suggestions

    I do believe you can get all info in Mazama or winthrop sports stores... Burdo's book should be sufficient.
  24. Crackima good and bad

    sorry to break it to you tony, but since you have an instruction manual...you are not really exploring but following a path created by the man.... unneeded sidenote: like minx, I too am in a bad mood today.