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    dirty sanchez! that SOB owes me fifty bucks!
  2. thanks for the beta. sounds like we can have fun in the cirque. better'n disney! oh by the way getting daily water from cirque lake might be easier if you left the 65' schooner at the dock! nice boat
  3. there ya go. understood. thanks
  4. good idea camping at trailhead but i would feel a need to have minium bivi gear with me. i am not looking forward to packin a ton of stuff over jackass pass so this sounds like the way to do it. thanks
  5. ok, ok - i'll admit that this stuipd F%#@ing computer is smarter then me! but griz: thanks for the kind words and sage advice. i think your havin your share of fun out there in CO., brother!
  6. Damn sea level living wussies... Big Sandy TH is around 9200ft and Arrowhead lake is around 10,400. Jackass Pass is only a couple hundred feet above that... Wow...that's 1400 vertical ft you did in a whole day...fucking animal!
  7. i've heard it's a bit of a test goin in through big sandy but maybe "perception becomeing reality" has a bit to do with the precieved effort. and as a dripping wet/sea level flatlandder i'm sure i'll feel every foot of elevation. thanks for your input.
  8. i do appreciate this advice and need to study traverse protection as well as the east ridge route if we do it. kelsey's guide pretty good? thanks for the help
  9. good stuff! ive read about and dreamed about the east ridge. spectacular. i appreciate the thought about noobs and traverse. ssssh, i'm not exactly a noob but call myself that to keep my ego in chk. don't want to sound to full of myself. i feel pretty good on 5.6 leads and ok up to 5.8 but i have lead only one real traverse to date. help me here: protect against pendulum swings, protect the second, protect at direction change and crux's. advice? i know i'm missing something. thanks again
  10. shakingleg.com - that's good! thanks so much. great pic's! somebody's havin fun!
  11. coming from the east coast 1st of sept. and wondering how the hike into the cirque is. flatlander in ok shape. how long to destination say from big sandy, lander - suggestions - any info helpful - trip reports, pic's, etc. lookin to do easy 5.2 - 5.5 on pingora. Kelsey's guide the best?