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  1. I like Designer Whey. 1 scoop: Calories 90 Total fat 1.5g Total carb 2g Protein 18g Mixes easy in milk or water with a spoon. I use 2.5 scoops after training. Assuming you are talking about a protien powder for after training, stick with whey protien. If you plan to use it before or during your training, get some Soy protien powder.
  2. Feels like a knife in my back

    Im sure Layton can give you a longer awnser, but by law, only doctors can diagnose. A chiropractor is a doctor. A LMP is not. Plain and simple.
  3. Alright, the Hex dumbbells and rack have sold. The 50-80 pound pro style dumbbells remain. $400obo
  4. Feels like a knife in my back

    I'd say no, its not you just getting older. Something is wrong. I know the felling. I've had back problems for 8 years. Had surgery 2 months ago. Not saying we are in the same boat but I would definatly have someone look at it come Monday. Personaly I'd see my massage therapist before my chiro (I have both on speed dial). Nothing wrong with either choice.....thats just how I would approach it.
  5. Used maybe 5 times. Good as new. $95obo. http://www.rei.com/product/692404
  6. Recommended Bivy Sacks?

    I'd also say to check out mountain laurel designs. I have one of their discontinued epic sacks with sil nylon floor. It weighs an even 7 ounces. Also ask around at http://www.backpacking.net/forums/ubbthreads.php lots of bivy sack users there.
  7. UPDATED Here is what I have now..... 20lbs Hex 25lbs Hex 30lbs Hex 35lbs Hex 40lbs Hex The above 5 pairs for $225. Add a 3 tier rack that can hold 9 pairs for only $50 more. 50lbs Pro Style 60lbs Pro Style 70lbs Pro Style 80lbs Pro Style The above 4 pairs for $400. Add the 3 tier (these take up 2 tiers) for $50 more. Or purchase all the dumbbells with the rack for $550. All dumbbells are in perfect condition. No rust, no signs of wear or abuse.
  8. Great TR and photos, well except the one of you spread eagle.
  9. Mt. Rainier 7/28-7/31 ... Need Partner(s)

    If all else fails.... you can trek up to camp muir and try to hook up with a rope team once there.
  10. [TR] Rainier - DC 7/11/2007

    Nice. Its always a great feeling to bring 1st timers up there. Good job to all.
  11. [TR] Mt Rainier - Emmons Glacier 7/10/2007

    Bring bug juice for Glacier Basin
  12. [TR] Mt Rainier - Emmons Glacier 7/10/2007

    Yes, fresh water is (somewhat) close by. Its not uncommon to see shoes stashed at the base of the interglacier. I have never worn them because my climbing boots are ubber light. One would have to decide if 3 miles (TH to the interglacier) in comfy shoes is worth the extra 6 pounds of boots on your back. Im guessing you are camping at Shurman on Monday before heading to the summit?
  13. Light poles?

    I have those REI poles as well. They have survived the wonderland and a number of cascade summits. I've never been worried about their strength. They also come in a compact version... a few ounces lighter and a few cm shorter.
  14. Stairs for training

    I can't help with any stair locations but I will give you my 2 cents. You are off to a great start but Rainier takes a bit longer then an hour to climb. If you can't get away on the weekends to do some long hikes, try riding a bike for an hour on your way to the stairs. When I train with a heavy pack, I use a bunch of large water jugs to weigh my pack down. Dump the water at the top then cruise down. You could load up your pack, ride to some stairs, do the stairs, empty the jugs, ride home as fast as you can, vomit, then repeat after your day off. Enjoy the climb
  15. Low back surgery success stories?? I’ve got a herniated L4 and L5 with spinal stenosis. My surgeon is planning on doing a L4 S4 decompression and laminectomy (sp?). Has anyone had this done and how was it. He knows I’m very active and that I want to get back to my activities post surgery. He assures me that I will be able to in time but in still worried about it. I’ve had back pain for 7 years now with sciatica for the last year. In those 7 years I’ve had to take a good amount of time off from work (delivery driver). I’ve tried PT, chiropractic care (with traction), acupuncture, massage, electrical stimulation, oral steroid packs, hydro therapy and most recently 2 Cortisone injections. Some of those things have helped manage the pain but none have cured it. With my latest injury (bent down to grab an envelope......”POP”!) I’ve been off work since January. I’ve lost 11 pounds all in which I’m guessing is muscle since I was lifting 3 days a week and doing cardio 2 days a week while working a physically active job. I was 161lbs and 9% body fat pre injury....down to 150 now. Anyway, I’d like to hear some success stories for this type or similar low back surgery. Im kinda bummed about getting the procedure done but as you can see, I’ve exhausted all my options.
  16. I can't imagine going back to work now. I'm curious to know what my recovery time will be compaired to yours just based on the fact that I had the procedure done on three levels not two. Obviously everyone is different but I wonder if there is a general guideline. Time will tell. I have already started changing my ideas on climbing and working out. No more kicking ass first and asking questions later But at least I should still be able to do everything I could before, just slower and smarter.
  17. I'm 7 weeks post op now. Walking daily at least 1 to 2.5 hours total. My PT says Im still a month away from using the Stairmaster but that Im making great progress. I feel so much better then I did before the surgery. Its hard to pull back the reins and keep my activities at a minimum but I gotta remember, my back problem was 7 years in the making. So you also had a laminectomy with diskectomy? On how many levels?
  18. WTB 4 Season Tent

    Scroll down the page and look at the Mountain Hardwear EV 2. Nice tent.
  19. I have always used the green SuperFeet in my lightweight climbing boots (La Sportiva Trango S Evo). Really its the only insole in any climbing boot I've worn. I got them cuz I was told they were the best? After years of thinking I was indeed using the best, last year I mistakenly forgot to put them in my boots on one of my grueling Granite Mtn training hikes. I didn't notice they weren't in the boots till I toke them off after the hike. If these really were that great, uuummmm.......... shouldn't I have noticed? What do you all wear? After a 3 level low back surgery, I'm trying to find the best one's to absorb all the endless pounding while climbing and hiking.
  20. Best insoles for climbing / hiking?

    That didn't sound very evil?
  21. Training Hikes

    I'd be less concerned about variety and more concerned with consistancy. Granite and Mailbox with a heavy pack are my favorites. I load my pack up with large water juggs (and large rocks from the trailhead if need be). 50lbs is always my goal. Dump the water and the rocks at the top. My hiking friends hate going with me on training climbs cuz I'm there to work......no stopping to smell the flowers, no breaks, fast up & fast down. If you are new to climbing, you will soon learn that you can never be in to good of shape for a climb. Kick some ass on the little hills so the bigs ones don't kick yours.
  22. Kraken What was wrong with my remarks? I just pointed out a few things that raised a red flag to me. Then I complemended him and his partner on thier efforts. Feel free to PM if you think I was way out of line....... Jamin, hope my comments didn't offend you. It was just meant to help you look back and evaluate the situation.
  23. So far I'm doing just as the doctor ordered. Walking 3 times a day every day since surgery. Started with 10min each walk, up to 20mins each now. Staying on my feet as much as I can and icing every 1-3 hours. Still no sitting for another week. I was able to take all of the surgical dressings off today. Looks pretty cool. The pain now feels like extreme muscle tightness in the low back. It gets a tiny bit better every day. My walking pace is almost up to speed. The first few days the old man that schuffles past my house every evening was a tad faster then me. I don't expect to be pain free again but hope for the best. Aside from the herniations, I had some torn ligaments and the foramen on 3 levels was almost fully closed around the nerves. So given that info, I should be much better off now.
  24. Feathered Friends Vireo

    I've had mine for a few years now and love it. I pair it with a hooded Volant Jacket. I wouldn't use it for winter though. Im good with a few light layers and the bag jacket combo to about 35 degrees (inside tent temp). I had em put 2 extra ounces of down and upgraded to 800+ fill. If I were to purchase again I'd go for the 72" length. Mine is the 68" which is fine when lying flat but sitting up or tossing around at night pulls the bag down leaving less loft / coverage at my upper torso. In warmer conditions I slip in the bag and just lay the jacket on top of me. Its a very versilte piece and a great way to save a pound.