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  1. Caucasus?

    I've climbed there four years ago. I was trying to head into Georgia to climb Ushba but was told that two things will likely to happen. 1. you will get shot 2. you will get kidnapped then shot. this was when Russia was in conflict with Georgia so the situation might be different now. but email me with questions.
  2. Enchantment Loop

    nice story.
  3. Looking for experienced partners for a couple of the following routes/peaks: 1. Forbidden Peak via West Ridge or Torment -> Forbidden traverse 2. Shuksan via Price Glacier 3. Liberty Bell via SW face 4. Rainier via Emmons preferably in a day. Currently dirtbagging in Squamish but looking to get on a couple of classics in WA before heading back to Bishop, CA. Have rock/ice rack/ropes/skis/kitchen sink. Done 3 routes (Ingraham, DC/Emmons variation, Liberty Ridge) on Rainier and just did Stuart North Ridge. Two seasons in the Cordillera Blanca & Alaskan Range. Prefer partner that's comfortable simul-climbing low 5th. Email is the best way to reach me. trieu(dot)kevin(@)gmail(dot)com
  4. N. Cascades Alpine Partner: next few weeks

    actually send me an email since i'm in Squamish and prefer not to use the phone. trieu.kevin@gmail.com
  5. N. Cascades Alpine Partner: next few weeks

    hey it looks like we have similar experience. just did north ridge of stuart. i'm up for the objectives you just listed. will send you a text or call.
  6. Devil's Thumb

    i was just in Petersburg working on a troller. the Thumb did stick out! i might be flying back to Juneau for a job interview. let's see if we can put something together. i'll send you an email.
  7. Enchantment Loop

    ended doing the classic loop from Snow Creek and got a ride back from a friendly couple at Mountaineer creek. beautiful area. almost as good as the Sierra. them fighting words!
  8. Enchantment Loop

    i don't mind off-trail traveling & bushwhacking but don't want to get into 5th class stuff by myself. is there somewhat of a used path on the route i've described above? i'll be starting early and getting out late so hitchhiking might not work. i guess i can stash overnight gear at one TH and wait for the next day to hitch a ride to the other.
  9. Enchantment Loop

    Hi, Wanted to dayhike the Enchantment area from Snow Creek TH to Stuart Lake TH but traveling solo and can't do the car shuttle. Looking to go up Snow Creek trail to the base of Dragontail Peak but hoping to find another way back to the car. Looking at the map, has anyone gone down from Prusik Pass -> Shield Lake -> Mesa Lake -> Tokette Lake -> Tokette Creek -> then back to Snow Creek trail? Also looking for a trail partner to set up car shuttle. Done Mt. Stuart North Ridge two days ago and is taken by the beauty of the area. I usually think the Evolution Area along the JMT in the Sierra is the most beautiful of all alpine lakes but heard otherwise regarding the Enchantment basin so I have to see it for myself. Thanks a bunch. Kevin
  10. Intermediate climbs North Cascades June/July

    hey can i get in on this? got a good amount of experience in the mountains. climbed Rainier 3x. want to do Baker, Adam, North Sister. will do technical routes. full ice/rock rack. got skis but total beginner. c2c or whatnot. free until the 16th of June. email is best. trieu dot kevin @gmail.com
  11. safe place to park a car

    anybody know of a cheap AND safe place to park a car for a month near the Seattle airport? probably not the smartest question to ask online. hopefully a trusted local can help out. i'll compensate with a few belays and endless beer for a night if i can park at your place from late June through mid July.
  12. Anyone have a month to spare this summer?

    when is your summer? i might be free until the end of August. let's talk.
  13. WTB: downsuit size medium

  14. WTB: downsuit size medium

    Looking to buy a used downsuit. I'm 5'9" 165lbs so I'm looking for a size medium. Please email me if you have one laying around and are not planning for another 8,000m peak. trieu(dot)kevin(at)gmail(dot)com Cheeers, Kevin
  15. BD Cyborg Pro Step-In crampons

    thanks guys. got myself a pair. can't wait to get some mean alpine action in Ouray...