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  1. I must have missed your call - sorry bout that. I rode Wed and had the ipod for company. Pretty nice lines thru the trees down the ridge off the snow ghost chair. Thur I had a friend from CdA to ride with. Both days I was hoping for a bit more snow than actually fell. Oh well, it was still fun riding a resort for a couple days. Might try Silver Mtn on Saturday.
  2. blowboarder. Looks like Schweitzer is shut down today for high winds. Wednesday will be the day for the resort for sure. If you can make it up tomorrow and don't mind showing me some goods check your pm's for my number. I've been up there probably 5 times or so over the years and can make my way around. But as you know it's always better riding with a local. Oh yeah, no splitboard for me tomorrow. Planning on all resort riding. If I'm paying for a lift I'm sure as hell using it.
  3. if so, see my posting in Idaho route reports.
  4. Are there any splitboarders in the panhandle? Is there any decent non-mobile accessed riding? I'm headed over to the area this week and coming weekend and am trying to decide whether to bring the split or just schweitzer it. If there are splitters, anyone down for a day of riding with a wetsider?
  5. Tell me I'm wrong but, doesn't seem to have bothered some of the older hard core climbers. I swear I remember seeing a bunch of pictures of (Jim Bridwell is one name that came to mind) smoking cigs. Weren't there a bunch of climbers sponsored by Camel too? Hell, they were climbing with bottles of wine, smoking joints between cigs, while tripping on acid! So, you had one cig huh? Good for you.
  6. I recommend you take it to REI customer service and tell them it is broken and you want a new one. If you didn't buy it from REI find a friend that bought the same model and ask them to do it. An early model dts I bought had an issue with the search mode button. I could barely press it hard or long enough for search mode to engage. Took it to cust svc at REI and wahlah. I got full $$ back and was able to go downstairs and buy the new model. ***feel free to dis REI all you want. Won't bother me a bit.***
  7. yep, I'm pretty sure 2nd Ascent will even credit your rental $ towards a new splitboard if when you return the rental you decide to buy one. Pretty cool if you ask me.
  8. go to 2nd Ascent and rent a splitboard for a weekend to see whether it's worth it first hand. A splitboard is a major investment so you'd better be sold on it. Things you'll want to consider: * How often do you plan on riding the resorts compared to bc splittin? * Do you have a second pair of bindings for your current board so you don't have to swap out just to ride at a resort? The binding swap is a tedious process to say the least. * Do your friends all have tele set ups? If so, a splitboard will be better than snowshoes just so the skintrack isn't getting tore up by the shoes. * Are you rich? Cause once you get a split you'll need a snowmobile. ; )
  9. Yeah Oly - 4stroke lovin that brand spankin new with warranty is only 7-grand. No need for the wuss-ass mosquito repelling windshield either. That sled will get you most places you'll want to go.
  10. Someone is out gettin some. Click below. weknowsnow
  11. At your weight and riding Cascade Concrete the 73 will be overkill. The 66 will be more than adequate. The only reason you should opt for the 73 is if you prefer to ride huge snowboards.
  12. LBS - no idea, struck out 3 times trying to get lottery ticket. Done with that now. I'm liking the idea of doing some WA Pass area splitting. Never been up there before and am very interested. Is this an early season thing to do? Baker? never go there unless it is the real Mt.Baker - even then I'm huffin 2stroke not boarding. Guess I'll have to talk my riding buds into spending a day building some walls and hits on our current favorite runs.
  13. yah, while splitboarding I have never once thought to myself "huh, it would be so much better if I were snowshoeing right now" and I pretty much suck ass at switching my shit over to board mode. on the off hand - does anyone know where a backcountry halfpipe is? this is one thing I've missed not going to resorts.
  14. haha RideT61, slappy meant you should GET A MTN SLED if you don't already have one. THREAD RELATED: I bought a 66 freeride last year. I like it because it splits - that's about it. I can deal with the weight and the length but I think I absolutely hate the sidecut radius. Then again I've pretty much hated every sidecut radius with the exception of my '00 Lib Jamie Lynn. I am interested in the Khyber for the very reasons it was created. You can ride it shorter than your normal FR board mainting the same float but increases response in turning and crud. I've never ridden the Fish or gnu's Mullet but these boards seem to have similar characteristics to the concept of the Khyber. I bought the voile because I had already ridden one and got a great deal. At the price the Khyber goes for and without ever test riding one that is one hell of a way to find out if you like it. You might as well make a trip to Whistler rent one get some turns in up there and decide whether that board is for you. Unless of course you're loaded. In that case buy two and give me one
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