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  1. Looking to buy kayak paddle, pfd

    all set (Northwest Outdoor Center on Lake Union, good place, they have some used stuff for sale), cheers
  2. International Stove

    xgk great for up high, melting snow. Gets it done, sure it's loud. But it will burn anything, including shitty quality "benzina". Which I didn't seem to have much trouble finding down there, but I haven't been in a couple of years so I'd guess the canisters would be more prevalent now. Bring both- pocket rocket is tiny and weighs nothing. If it's a long trip, you'd be fully covered that way, and could choose the appropriate stove for certain jaunts or pushes.
  3. AT/Randonee setup for sale: Atomic TMX skis, 184 cm, mounted with Fritschi Freeride bindings and come with Ascenscion skins (cut to fit). Solid backcountry/frontcountry set up. Great skis; ideal for NW backcountry, and you can use your regular alpine boot for frontcountry/lift accessed bc. The skis are in good+ shape; tops are a bit scratched but there has been no significant "insult" to the bases or edges, and they are still lively. The bindings are from a few years ago but have maybe 7 days of use on them and are in great shape. These skis were mounted once previously, but the Freerides' drill hole alignment is not on or near the other holes (they are not visible from outside). Din can be adjusted up to 12, and the bindings are Medium I believe- my boots are size 10 and there is room to adjust them larger. The bindings were professionally mounted at Feathered Friends. The skins are a "bonus"; they function well and fit the skis but could use replacement after a season or so. Regardless, this rig skis well and is ready to go. $420; local pick up and cash only please. Pm me and I will check pms and respond in order.
  4. International Stove

  5. Beer 2 borrow your red rocks guidebook

    I have the Classic Rock Climbs- Red Rocks (Falcon guide/Todd Swain), you're welcome to borrow it as well, don't worry about the beer.
  6. Mt. Adams winter asscent?

    Good point/idea
  7. Mt. Adams winter asscent?

    Get dialed on navigation. Have and know how to use map, compass and altimeter, wands, and GPS (but don't rely just on this one). A big, round volcano when covered with snow can turn "interesting" in a serious whiteout- kind of the flip side of the moderate/non-technical nature of the thing. Know what to do if you get pinned down so that you don't wander into avalanche terrain, etc. Have the appropriate gear (shovel, extra clothes/bivy/etc and a stove) with you when you are climbing, so that hunkering down is an option. Weather can get ugly any time of year, but more so in winter so have experience dealing with the simple stuff- layering correctly, keeping dry inside and out, staying fueled and hydrated, knowing how to winter camp, and being in good shape for the potential slogfest conditions. And make sure your partners have the above covered or better, and that you can rely on them to be sensible and enjoyable company. All this will help you with any future ascents, and being ready will help you relax and put your energy towards the climb. It will be a lot of work, but likely a great experience. Enjoy!
  8. Mex volcanoes 11/15 - 12/2

    Only one you'd have a chance at respectable turns (at that time of year) would be Orizaba. Nevado is dry, and Ixta has melted so much in the last 5 years it's shocking. There is hardly any glacier left. You could get some token turns, but it's out as far as a "ski descent" mountain, at least in climbing season. Orizaba has 800m vertical or so from the summit that's skiable, maybe you could put some turns together in the gullies, but I've only seen the Jamapa glacier corned up once out out of 5/6 times. It's often snicey. If you're considering those steep gullies around the left of the Jamapa as another route option, we looked at doing those last year and found sketchy old/dirty ice (very hard); it has really melted out. Stay away from the town on the other side of Ixta (on the "Head" side, access to those routes); there have been numerous reports of violence - break-ins, assault, rape- in recent years. A lot of break-ins parking at the regular route trailhead on Ixta as well; I've often had a driver for that leg, dropping us off and picking us up later so the car's not exposed. Orizaba and Toluca don't seem to have as much trouble in that regard. It's a great place to travel and climb though, doing the alternating between heat and haciendas or cities (and some rock climbing) and getting blasted by wind and snow wearing goggles and crampons. I'd put my "self-respecting" type energy into the style points factor of having a cool travel experience that includes a few summit days, personally speaking. If you guys go, consider spending a night in Tepotztlan (cool small town btw. Toluca and Puebla/Tlachichuca with a small pyramid and fun vibe) and Valle de Bravo (great bigger town down from Toluca, rock climbing in the vicinity too) besides other obvious destinations. Cholula is kind of fun these days too. Go to the party boats at Xochimilco for some real fun too. Suerte!
  9. Cruelty or a big "who cares"?

    That pic is "fowl"
  10. Media Bias Revealed - Part XXIV

    laser-sharp cut, Shoveler.
  11. Media Bias Revealed - Part XXIV

    What's that smell? Ahh, it's just the "Shoveler", getting his daily workout...
  12. Sorry Steve, Russians sent it

    welcome to CC.com
  13. beta on mini-pearbiners?

    That was a blast from the past too, that was my "school song" in high school. Never thought I'd see it here! Those 41 gm lockers look pretty epic. I'm going to have to check them out.
  14. Funny Bush Joke

    or better, what conscience?
  15. Funny Bush Joke

    what conscious?
  16. Schrapnel?

    That shrapnel having been from WWII and employed for "anti-person" use.
  17. Schrapnel?

    That looks just like what I've seen and had identified to me as shrapnel.
  18. Schrapnel?

    I have found a lot of WWII shrapnel on the slopes of Elbrus; it looks like what you are describing. Jagged/rough, rusty, and about the same size range.
  19. Sorry Steve, Russians sent it

    3 bolts in 1 body length