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  1. WTB: A few things

    I'm beginning to see that after the first class. There's always something to learn though, and well... I already payed for it.
  2. WTB: A few things

    I'm certainly not new to the backcountry or alpine environments. I'm taking the class mostly because I'm new to the area, and I wanted to meet people. I've tried the UL scheme before, but most of my gear would be placed in the aging category. I'm looking more an update than to buy this sort of gear for the first time. There's been a lot of cool advancements since I bought most of my gear 7-10 years ago. THanks for the input.
  3. WTB: A few things

    Hi guys, I'm taking the Mountaineers Beginning climbing class and as a bunch of you know, the gear list is pretty extensive. I'm pretty well outfitted, but I thought I would take this opportunity to update some of my equipment and get a few of the things I'm missing. If you've got something collecting dust, or maybe something that you'd like to upgrade yourself, just let me know. I'm a Large in most things, although ArcTeryx stuff seems to be more like a M. Also, priority to ultralightweight gear. It's all the new rage these days right... Here's what I need. Alpine Ice Axe Crampons (Must be steel) Lightweight Insulated Jacket Belay Weight Parka ( FF Helios would be perfect ) Softshell Pants Down Sleeping Bag ~25 degree's (my synth bag is great, but I want to try a down bag) Lemme know what you've got and if you feel like I probably need something else, just let me know. I'm a sucker for a deal. Cheers -Steve
  4. CiloGear Dyneema 45L at Feathered Friends

    I bought the 60L at FF tonight. It looks like a great pack, and while I would have preferred the 50L or 45L it was too nice of a pack to pass up. My other choice was the Osprey Atmos, and for climbing, I think there's really no comparison. I'm looking forward to putting a lot of time into this pack and I'll definitely post back about my thoughts.
  5. Where should I take my dog???

    We were in Oregon over Christmas and he did great at the sledding area but you're right, he doesn't last long. I think I'll just go up and find somewhere we can play around for a little while.
  6. Where should I take my dog???

    Hi guys, I got a few trips in this summer and had a great time in the North Cascades, but I've yet to be here over a winter. I'm hoping to take the new puppy (10 week old Alaskan Malamute) up to the snow this weekend and play. I'm looking for somewhere dog friendly with hopefully a ski or snowshoe trail that we can go and see what kind of snow dog he's gonna be. If anybody is interested in coming too, I was thinking Sunday. Cheers -Steve
  7. Lemme tell ya, it was cold up there, really cold. Thanks for the identification Alex, it helps a lot
  8. Trip: Cascade Pass / Sahalee Arm - Cascade pass trail to Sahalee glacier camp Date: 9/22/2007 Trip Report: Well, we were sissy's on Friday night, and decided to just get up early Saturday because of the rain. We were on trail by 9, but still in heavy rain. We cause a single glimpse of a mountain at about 4000 feet, and by 5500 we were into snow and freezing rain. Pelton basin was full, so we continued on to the Sahalee glacier camp (which was empty), but the weather was miserable, so we didn't make it up to the ice. The night greeted us with a couple hours of beautiful moonlit clear skies, followed by sub zero temperatures and sustained 20+ mph winds for the rest of the night. I'm convinced the only thing that got me through was my DAS parka. After a sleepless night, we decided that we would just do a little exploring, and headed for home shortly after. Luckily, once we decended off the arm a ways, the clouds broke and the wind died. We got some spectacular views, and my first trip to the North Cascades was saved. Overall I had a great time, and a great hike. There's a reason this hike is in all the guide books. Feel free to identify landmarks. This was my first trip to the North Cascades, and the maps I have so far cut off just before the mountains that make up the Cascade Creek Ridge area, so I don't know any names. Gear Notes: Patagonia DAS parka stood up to the coldest weather I've tested yet. My new Bora 80 proved to be way more comfortable than the Kelty I've been using previously as well. Approach Notes: Cascade Pass trail is a highway, and on a nice day, a crowded one at that. Sahalee arm trail is less well maintained, but still easy to navigate.
  9. hummingbird sleeping bag , mammuth, thermorest

    I'll take the bag and the pad. I'd like to pick them up in P town on Sunday if possible. Cheers
  10. FS: Patagonia DAS Parka Grey XL

    if I'm asking too much..... make an offer
  11. Labor Day hike suggestions

    I think this is what we'll plan on doing. If there are any other people that are interested in meeting up. Particularly couples, it'd be great to meet some people. We're brand new to the area. I'm 25 and work for a Boeing contractor, and my girlfriend is 23.
  12. Labor Day hike suggestions

    I'm looking for a Friday after work/Sat/Sunday situation. It'll be a leisurely time, nothing hardcore or anything. It would be cool to see some other people from the board though. Sounding like the Enchantments are a pretty popular choice. I'll do some more research.
  13. FS: Patagonia DAS Parka Grey XL

    Get ready for the upcoming season. I've got an extra large Patagucci DAS parka that as far as I know has never been used. It's in perfect condition and even smells new. I'm in Everett, and can forward pictures if you would like. I'm asking $200 obo
  14. Labor Day hike suggestions

    Hi there guys, I'm a recent transplant from the Oregon Cascades to here in Everett. Myself and my girlfriend are looking for something for the upcoming long weekend, and while I'm scouring the guidebooks, I thought I would see what the board had to say about some hikes. I'm looking for something that does not require technical climbing equipment. ~20miles a day max. My girlfriend has zero climbing experience but is in shape and does not mind a good scramble. If there was the opportunity to make an easy summit in the afternoon solo, that would be great (something with a good campsite). Thanks so much in advance. I miss the Southern Alps in New Zealand, and I'm hoping the Northern Cascades give me a little taste of them. Cheers -Steve
  15. FS: Sportiva Trangos 2003

    I wanna pick them up tomorrow. I'll call you too, but I'm hoping to get ahold of you before I'm actually in Portland. Cheers -Steve