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  1. WTB: Garmont G-rides

    I'm looking for a pair of G-Rides that are a size 28.0. Thanks
  2. Preseason stoke!

    Anyone got some good pics of this summer or last year to get the juice flowing? I'll get some up tonight.
  3. Setup found

    post modified.
  4. Setup found

    Got it all.
  5. Packs for sale...

    I have been lurking on this site for quite a while without posting, but I've got a few packs that I'm trying to sell, now that I've finally found one I like for my uses. 1) MEC Brio Crag pack (30L) $30/shipped-It's a good, durable rucsac. 2) ColdColdWorld Valdez-$100/shipped. When compared to the Brio, this thing is a FJ Cruiser next to a bare bones jeep. It's got all of the amenities: crampon straps, removable/extendable lid, removable backpad, ski slots, extendable extension sleeve, etc. You can check out the rest at http://coldcoldworldpacks.com/valdez.htm. Unlike the picture on the website, I got the pack custom made to be all black. I can provide pics if you email me at intheways@earthlink.net