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  1. Climbing Partners On-Going?

    Thanks TLG and MattP...like I said before, I was warned about this board but thought I'd give it a try anyways. I really didn't need all the tough love when I was only looking for climbing buddies as I was trying to do more of it. But it's been a lesson learned I guess and like I told you TLG...this isn't my world so I'm ditching VW tonight and going back to playing soccer, riding boards-bikes-boats and all the other stuff that makes me smile. If someone out there is truly looking for a climbing partner just send me mail as I'm super discouraged and won't be checking the forums. Have a good weekend all! Thanks, -Kim
  2. VW Redmond Tonight?

    what's crossposting?
  3. VW Redmond Tonight?

    thinking about doing some climbing at vertical world in redmond after work...if you want to join in send me mail. thanks, -Kim
  4. Climbing Partners On-Going?

    I'm re-posting as I'm really bored with Marymoor...so I'm looking for people to climb with that can teach me a thing or two about this sport. I'm not a complete newbie but i've never been completely consistent or hard-core in the past several years I've been around it...basically I like to climb, meet people and have fun . I prefer bouldering, scrambling and using anchors...if that makes me a wimp I don't care (he-he). Right now, I'm open after work and on some weekends for bigger adventures. In the summer I should have some time off for more travels. So, if you are looking for a climbing pal send me mail. Thanks, -Kim
  5. Marymoor On-Going!

    hey dave schuldt how's it going? i didn't click on the link yet for the picnic...when and where is it? i'm super mad i couldn't make the timmy show as i committed to going sailing but when it came time to doing knots...i used the climber ones (he-he). anyhow...i'm super bored with marymoor so on-going i'm open to find more adventure outside of redmond and to meet some nice climbing peeps. i guess the mean ones have their place but why not put all that energy into doing all the fun stuff in life aye...like climbing . -Kim
  6. Marymoor On-Going!

    What are you talking about? I was climbing at Practice Rock yesterday, not Marymoor. i know your pain that why i do about a million sporty things but i've narrowed it down to boards, bikes, boats, rocks, arty stuff... see i don't have a problem with adhd...i've got it covered (he-he).
  7. Marymoor On-Going!

    thanks law goddess . on boats...i like ones i can get a tow behind for some boarding action but i also like the ones with sails that will take me far, far, away so i can explore and adventure. on marymoor...i went last night but got really bored once the kid with the adhd left that I was helping out. so I'm up for anywhere else to climb too.
  8. Marymoor On-Going!

    I'm open to climb wherever (gyms, non-marymoor sites, etc)but if the weather is nice I'd like to be outside unless it's dark. Since I'm not super skilled yet I'd prefer top-roping, scrambling peaks or maybe some alpine stuff...basically I'm open. -Kim
  9. Marymoor On-Going!

    when's the picnic?
  10. Marymoor On-Going!

    well...maybe I'm hot and maybe I'm not...guess it depends on the spectator (he-he)...but since I'm modest I'll just say people really don't think I'm ugly...does that work? Anyways, I'd like to think that my climbing abilities, intelligence and personality would be an important element too aye? So, thanks for the support and go easy on the tough love please as I'm kind of shy to this posting in the climbing world to find partners kind of thing. And nice to hear that there may be more girls in this sport than I'm used to in my other hobbies (boards, boats, bikes, etc). Thanks, -Kim
  11. Marymoor On-Going!

    ah...i was kind of looking for a climbing partner not a date (he-he). But I guess I was warned about this board but thought i'd give it a shot anyways . -Kim
  12. Marymoor On-Going!

    I'm looking to do some bouldering/climbing at Marymoor (also open to other suggestions) after work and on some weekends to increase my skills. If you want to join in just let me know . Thanks, -Kim
  13. timmy oneil show?

    dah...yea the 26th would be tomorrow...thanks gary .
  14. timmy oneil show?

    i'm new to this list so i'm not sure where i should post this. i'm looking for on-line info on the timmy oneil show this thursday at the neptune. thanks, -Kim