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  1. allthumbs

    MAd Cow

    salt causes erectile disorder, and Henny Penny says the sky is falling
  2. allthumbs

    Lunch of the Day

    you're welcome sista, you were superb as always
  3. allthumbs

    Lunch of the Day

    i had tuna , after which i made us lunch
  4. We're a country of thinkers, let's start thinking up some new shit to build. Like computers for instance...that technology stayed with us here in America for many years before the slopes started building parts.
  5. was that your ol' lady that gave me the blow job Sunday?
  6. I'll tell ya what, living next to me is a good thang. Lots of parties, gun slinging, wife swapping, and ribald good times. Beats hanging out with Dave Schuldt and the Morons.
  7. GW is NOT destroying the country. That's the dumbest thing I've heard since the last time you opened your pie hole. Buy a clue, buttdouche.
  8. There're only a select handful of true patriots that post here to cc. So for the rest of you commies, I say fuck off.
  9. allthumbs

    what did people

    no one I know uses that shit. it's non-secure and rife with hackers. best thing you could do is uninstall it. you've been warned.
  10. Love of and devotion to one's country.
  11. allthumbs

    Cat Attacks

    I always wear mine -
  12. I get cramps now and then, usually when I eat too much cheese.
  13. I always stuck up for Dwayner. For those fuckers that say just get another avatar, they're clueless crackheads. Our main avy, like trask, or cavey, or dru, or dwayner, pope, gregW, those are the avys that we really want to be associated with. If you don't understand that, you're a dumb fuck that doesn't understand shit in the first place.
  14. allthumbs

    Cat Attacks

    Those cats are sneaky fuckers for sure. Even with a gun a person is not assured the time to draw and fire. A more likely scenario is the draw and fire after the bastard has jumped you. A big-ass K-Bar ain't a bad idea either. Some of you pussys that post here at cc deserve to be "cat food".
  15. Well there's a wasted vote, but suit yourself.
  16. allthumbs

    Cat Attacks

    I was thinking about you trail runners and mtn. bikers. In 1994 I was attacked by a pitbull mix. Things were happening damn fast but I was able to get 2 shots into him. A cat is different than a pitbull but I think you will be surprized how fast you can get down to business when your adrenaline is up. Bring a piece and practice, practice, practice.
  17. No shit. Dwayner isn't even in the same nasty league as me, and yet he's evidently still banned. He must've pulled some dirty deeds under the table.
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