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  1. he used to be an okay guy. now he just sucks.
  2. I wonder what ever happened to Foster Brooks, er, I mean Beck?
  3. anything's better'n sittin on our thumbs pretending nothing will happen - "I know those guys," the informant told the FBI following the 9-11 attacks. "They were my roommates. We used to hang together and stuff, man... but they couldn't hold their toke at all, and after a while I just kinda figured they were cool because they didn't take any of my stash. So um, they were the terrorists guys? Man, that's totally bogus!"
  4. jesus christ, you people act like you really have something to hide. who gives a shit if they got yer number? unless you commit a crime, no one will ever look at it. fuck, get over it already.
  5. "how do I get a letterman's jacket"?
  6. You hit the nail on the head - willing to assume a certain amount of risk.
  7. So what's your plan for national security Minx? Got any better ideas?
  8. she's got pimples on her butt she's nice
  9. I heard Erik married his goat, Angelina.
  10. I don't want to talk about it.
  11. hey I know that sista. I'll be down there in March
  12. allthumbs

    Lunch of the Day

    Dru, nobody gives a shit what you had for lunch. STFU
  13. hahaha, I wish I could post like him for fun, Dru, but I'm not nerdy enuf.
  14. I'm smelling my hand. I've got stank finger ... thanks doll.
  15. Not really. A gun was the weapon of choice, but this isn't about the weapon, it's about love and hate and revenge. It has the makin's of a good mini-series.
  16. This is a tragedy for sure. A fucked up crime perpetrated by an obviously unstable moron. Let's not make this a gun issue, okay?
  17. I thought deadbeat dads were a thing of the past. Doesn't the Gov. get after 'em now ... wage garnishment and shit?
  18. Lots. Nationwide, lots. Now that we're spawning super-kids, they're getting knocked up at a surprisingly young age too. Shit, young girls are hitting puberty now at 10 in some cases. Hold onto your balls lads.
  19. there's no unenjoyment benefits for the tax cheater either
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