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  1. only in japan

    No doubt, surfing the spray section of cc.com whilst at work "your own fucking responsibility"... roflmao I can just see some poor sap unable to minimize or close this odd video as it plays amongst coworkers, etc.
  2. Holidays on Liberty Ridge

    Oh man, here we go again... speed 'records' on Rainier
  3. Seattle Man Dies On Mount Everest

    A more current link to Brook's team: http://everest.myblogsite.com/ Good luck to them all. The last dispatch from Ryan was pretty funny.
  4. The Man is trying to scare me...

    They have bigger fish to fry than some yahoo making a photocopy of a forest pass. Instead, just volunteer two days per year with the Washington Trail Association and get a free annual pass. You'd be amazed at how much work goes into creating and maintaining the very trails we all enjoy. www.wta.org
  5. Sufferfest

    in a similiar vein, belaying joshk with the rope running over my leg when he decides to go over to simply jugging the line - incapable of getting the line off my leg nearly my entire lower body goes to sleep - months later i can still barely feel my pee-pee Guye Peak I think he was ascending at about a foot per minute... for 20-30 feet.
  6. best booty score

    Funny how nobody will buy used climbing gear, but they will use booty gear...
  7. Seattle is not Washington State

    How about citing the RCW for this? ...if you even know...
  8. Alone on Thanksgiving?

    Nice idea, CBS. I'm looking forward to this weekend when the turkeys go on sale for around $.23/lb.
  9. Server Slowness

    How about teaming up with another board of similar size? Maybe a Cali or Colorado climbing board? Seems by now you should know a few of the folks that run them, so why not see if someone will split the costs? That is, if half of a dedicated will give each board the projected bandwidth.
  10. Leader Falls on a Rope...

    Consider the price of your ass and that of a new rope when thinking of retiring the 'old' rope.
  11. Calling all gapers Oct 30 and/or 31

    Whatever you wind up doing, here's a link for the weather on the roads from WSDOT: Statewide traveler
  12. Hey all, here's something I came across the other day. Basically it's for folks that have either a criminal background or DUI keeping them from entering Canada. Apparently DUIs are felonies over there and seriously frowned upon. You can either apply for a temporary resident permit (or something like that) where they review your offense and make a discretionary call (not on the spot) or you fill out this "Application for Criminal Rehabilitation" which allows, if approved, you to legally enter Canada and for them to stop rejecting you due to that offense. It's some good reading and worth looking into if you've ever been rejected entry by the Canucks. Click here for the Canuck web link
  13. the guye peak improbable traverse

    Yeah, it was a bit confusing trying to figure out where to go in some places. If I had any pride insofar as climbing, I think it was all lost that day. I got up that thing by any means necessary. While no prusik was used, I wouldn't of thought twice had the situation arose... all the while killing my partner's leg One area had us getting a mouthful of these mini pine needles as we used the bush for a hand hold. Oh I think we got to the summit around 6pm. Whatever it was, we got to the Issaquah P&R at 8:14, so maybe not a full 12 hours but a seemingly god awful long time. Muy spankage, hence the lack of desire to climb that thing again. Last year was worse, we got a late start, hit the same problems and wound up bivying just shy of the south rib A constant Homer Simpson "Doh!" as we shivered away through the night, with the hum and headlights of the interstate below, all of maybe a mile or half mile away... Good lead up that crack. I got a ride as well from a hiker who'd been to Gem Lake.
  14. the guye peak improbable traverse

    I suck at my previous beta. Just by coincidence a friend had asked if I wanted to go up Guye and retrieve my gear, if it was still there. So I told him how it was just my luck I'd told all the booty-freaks here about all the booty sitting on the rock since last year and had I known I was going to climb it, I never would've said anything. Then he pointed out I was a little confused and had done the Ramp route last year and NOT the Improbable Traverse. So sorry for the bad beta, not that it mattered since once we started climbing I could barely remember just where the heck we went last year... That looked like one exposed scramble you two did, I was a little nauseated thinking about one slip while watching you two work your way up... you should definitely be called the trundler That was a nice try at getting past the overhang to the crack, we both happened to watch as you peeled, which then pendelumed you probably to harder stuff and hence the prusik. After you got to a climbable position, you seemed to do well on the crack. It turned into a 12 hour epic for us. I really hate Guye Peak now. I got my gear back, a testament to how few climbers climb this peak. This was followed by more desperate climbing, loose rocks and muy suckage. While my beta and memory sucked, I was glad to relay messages for you two I've been using those frs radios and they are quite the thing to have and well worth the weight. Well, we had a nice day for climbing, thankfully. Nice to sort of meet you.
  15. Mountaineering and Sailing

    That's pretty neat. I like that combo. One of these days I'll get into sailing... Great photos.
  16. expedition planning

    Uh, you had the benefit of the fixed rap line down Rescue Gully Still a good push, I'm not knockin' that, especially for the weather conditions you had.
  17. the guye peak improbable traverse

    There still might be some booty up there from last year. I wasn't going to say anything about it, but since I've been too lazy... well, the booty gods giveth and they taketh. The follower couldn't clean the stopper at the anchor before the improbable traverse, unclipped but forgot to pull the tricam while on the traverse, and then I got suckered into going the length of the bench and lowering off another tricam, about 20 feet. So, three pieces, one spectra runner, and two biners for booty. Of the traverse, get past the tricky part and then I think you go up from the tree on the ledge. I think that's how it's supposed to be done. I got suckered into following the ledge to the end where there was a rusty piton. It was fun climbing, even though we did get off route. I'm pretty sure we got in the last ascent last year before the snow and cold weather sealed things off, barring a winter ascent. So if nobody has been up there, maybe there's still booty. Also, if you drive into the 'private' streets, there's one that will take you directly under the scree approach and there's a maintenance lot there. It didn't say anything about 'no trespassing', as far as parking there and it provides a super easy approach.
  18. [TR] Mt Olympus & Mt Tom- 7/24-31/2004

    Nice photos and TR.
  19. 8k trip buddies

    The guide services offer a do-it-yourself approach where they take care of the logistics and leave it up to you to get your sorry ass up the mountain. Cho Oyu was $4k for a cc.commie who teamed up with another climber who also chose this cheap option, and they reached the summit. Four grand seems reasonable. Screw Everest, though I recall it's DIY option being $16k. Or, Dryad since you just got back from over there, how hard would it be for two bozos to trek to a peak and make a stealth ascent? Other than trying to carry all your gear/supplies inconspicuously?
  20. Situational Ethics?

    Dan's Dreadful Direct
  21. Best Guide Book Ever

    Any one of the Beckey Bibles because of how many people they have inspired, and continue to.
  22. Olympus Rock Pro?

  23. [TR] Mt. Olympus- 7/4/2004

    Nice TR and pics, rasta man.
  24. [TR] Spontaniety Arete- Le Petit Cheval 7/8/2004

    Yeah, it sounds like a good route other than the trip to Mazama for beta. Any pics, Tricky?
  25. Hikers vs ORVs

    I agree Fairweather. I've only seen one trail that had dirt bikes while hiking and that was designated multi-use. None other than that, which seems like a very low (and acceptable) incidence rate in my book. This draft will have no impact on snowmobiles, read it.