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  1. glacier pk

    Looks like you just may be able to put your mountain bike to good use!
  2. Olympus Rock Pro?

    I am looking at doing Olympus this weekend (weather permiting, but it is not looking so good at the moment) and I have read that the summit is a 4th class scramble but also that pro is advisable. Anyone have advise on the summit block and what pro is good to have along? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  3. 3 Finger Jack

    There was some debris after getting on to the snow (peaking though near a small tree); the other two in my party were checking it out but I was a few hundred feet in front.
  4. 3 Finger Jack

    Yes, made it to the top but stupid work has been keeping me from putting up a TR. . .stupid work. Finding the trail on the way up was a bit tricky but once we could see the ridge we followed it the whole way. There were no tracks to follow and the PCT was sporadically marked as usual; encountered snow at 5700'. Once we got withing a few hundred vertical feet of the Crawl there was no more snow up to the top and it even prompted us to be lazy and take a 1 hour nap (see attachment) On the way down we followed the scree scar down to the snow to avoid the long trek along the ridge and had some more fun route finding. . . Only saw one other group of 2 climbers. All in all, a great time to go.
  5. 3 Finger Jack

    Thanks for the input, and the picture. We are prepared for a mix of conditions and I will post a TR when we return; we are looking at a 3:00am start on Saturday. Happy climbing .
  6. 3 Finger Jack

    I'm looking into 3 Finger Jack and can't find any recent conditions (or any that I find helpful). Has anyone been up recently or know of a good site to check? Any information will be greatly appreciated.