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  1. Shuksan

  2. Yet another Lib Ridge accident

    From 710Kiro News: MOUNT RAINIER FATALITY The park identifies the man whose body was recovered as Luke Casady, a 29-year-old from Missoula. His climbing partner is 29-year-old Ansel Vizcaya, also from Missoula. He worked as a seasonal employee at the North Cascades National Park. Casady's wife says he was president of the Alpine Club of Missoula and scaled Mount Rainier three or four times before, but not by the dangerous Liberty Ridge route. The men had been scheduled to return Monday. A search helicopter spotted the one body yesterday with two backpacks at about the nine-thousand-foot level on Carbon Glacier, below Liberty Ridge. Gauthier says it appears they either fell or were hit by an avalanche during bad weather in the past week. Although two other climbers have died on Liberty Ridge this spring, Gauthier says the route is not any more dangerous than usual, and the park has no plan to close that approach to the summit.
  3. Cascade Pass/Bostin Basin Conditions?

    Here's a picture of Sahale arm from the summit of Sahale. Took this two weekends ago (1May04)
  4. Forbidden Peak Rock

    Ok, having operator error issues...here's another angle (see attachment)
  5. Forbidden Peak Rock

    Here are pictures of Forbidden taken 1May04
  6. Snowboard descent from Camp Muir

    I board in my mountaineering boots but the rest of my boarding friends hike in their snowboard boots and snowshoes. I don't know of any boarders that pack their snowboard boots.
  7. Found: GPS

    Tell me where you lost it and what model and I'll give it up. PM me the info.
  8. Skiiing in the Northwest kicks ass!

    Is Colorado snowpack more 'predictable'? The following link http://geosurvey.state.co.us/avalanche/US_World_stats/2001-02/US2001-02.html shows that more deaths occur in Colorado than anywhere else in the US.
  9. Goodell Cr Landslide

  10. Tele class

    The female tele instructor on Mt. Hood is Shelley Hakanson. Here's the address to their website: www.wyeastnordic.com
  11. My favorite this weekend photo (share)

    Yesterday around 2pm. See attachment.
  12. Best floyd album and song

    Best album..that's a hard decision: Meddle or Dark Side or Final Cut Best song...another hard one: Echoes off of the Meddle CD Least favourite: anything they did with Sid Barrett Best solo: Roger Waters Pros and Cons. The title song is the worst song of the album but the rest is awesome. I wouldn't say it's depressing...just intense...the whole story is a dream. I wrote a 3 page essay on the meaning of the Final Cut...full of lyrics to back up my statements...all in an hour and a half in-class essay assignment. The teacher was floored, gave me an A+...I think it was the memory recall I had of the lyrics of the album. It was the only A I received in a college english class
  13. Forbidden Peak West Ridge TR

    CM3, where the east ledges pretty much dry (aside from the snow fingers)?
  14. Numb Toe

    I had the same problem with both toes (left side of right toe, and right side of left toe). They both were permanantly number for months. Once I started loosening up my climbing shoes at belays the problem fixed itself.
  15. You've left out another permutation: I'm not a member of any climbing organization and the 'climbing groups' do not bother me or have any impact on my climbing experience.
  16. One great thing the mounties do is post their climb schedule. That is on my checklist along with weather and trip reports. Too bad the slothman types on this forum don't post their climb schedules because I'd add that to my checklist also. I'd say the mounties are more accomodating than the mountie bashers.
  17. Alpinfox said: "You're right. I'll just avoid all of these areas. Like Rainier, Baker, Shuksan, Leavenworth, Stuart, etc." These are quite large mountains/areas. I find it hard to believe that group of basic group climbers would be taking up all the routes. If you can't see beyond the 'basic climbs' on these mountains/areas then all I can suggest is that you try and look beyond what they climb. There is SO much out there.
  18. I get out just about every weekend either climbing or skiing (depending on the season) and I never run into the WAC's, Mountaineers, Mazamas, or any other kind of organized group. Why do those, that hate the 'groups' climb where they climb? There is SO much out there. And those that bitch the most claim they have superior experience to the 'group' climbers. If so, why do you climb where they climb? I believe 'basic climbs' of these groups are climbed in mountaineering boots. Is that all you can do? If so, perhaps you should try a little harder route or grade. I bet you'll never run into them again. If you want to stick at the basic level it doesn't take much effort to find stuff they don't go to...and it's probably much better!
  19. White River Entrance opening?

  20. Dumb avalanche question

    Stuart range is east of the crest. And since Stuart is a very large peak near by, the avalanche forecast might be different than the general forecast for the east cascades. Large peaks, relative to surrounding peaks, tend to have unique weather systems. Use your avalanche skills to make the call anyway, don't take the general avy forecasts as the final say.
  21. More bad Canadian avalanche news.

    http://www.cbc.ca/stories/2003/03/26/avalanche030326 :
  22. White River Campground

  23. K2 She's Piste - legit or bullshit?

    Hmmm...don't think K2 is marketing to highschool kids. And how many highschool kids teleski?
  24. White Chuck river road

    This might help: http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mbs/conditions/trail_conditions.shtml
  25. K2 She's Piste - legit or bullshit?

    Hey snoboy, don't think there are many 105lb female skiiers out there either. Regarding the mechanical difference between male and female skiiers might be found in the angle between hips and knees which would tranlsate into maybe a small difference when edging the ski. Big deal, so women and men might have to ski a little differently. Personally, I think the 'female' ski is a marketing thing. Also, they tend to be more narrow than the 'male' skis. If you like skiing the powder, which is where it's at!...I think you can do much better with a fatter ski.