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  1. Dividend Time Again!

    You should look into their credit card. $350 in free gear this year is pretty sweet considering I only spent about $75 on non-sale items this year. Althought the places where you could use in on Waldron are probably somewhat limited. I am sure that you get to Orcas every once in a while though.
  2. ok, cc.com's biggest news in years!

    I second that suggestion. Of course it is also way better for the baby, cheaper and it burns 400 calories per day. Lots of selling points.
  3. Not a climbing website, but possibly a cool tool to enhance one. This page is an interesting little article on a java script that makes images grow and shrink when you click them. It even handles the reformatting of the page to maintain the look as the images chance size. Pretty cool I thought.
  4. Looks like you had an awesome time and found some great ice. Thanks for the report.
  5. Snoqualmie Pass Conditions

    With all of the people headed up to Chair and the The Tooth last weekend I imagine that someone saw some ice along the trail. I am hoping to take my Camp Fire girls up for some top roped climbing and would really appreciate any ice beta.
  6. I have to say that I was a bit uncertain about ordering from a French website, but it turned out very well. Telemark-Pyrenees had the best price I could find on a pair of Garmont Adrenalin AT boots and they arrived just as ordered in five days. I couldn't be happier.
  7. Telemark-Pyrenees

    Their site doesn't mention mountaineering boots. You could probably email, but it looks like the duties they list are pretty minimal, 2.8%, so it might not be a big deal. I would guess that the savings would be more than that or you wouldn't consider the hassle in the first place.
  8. Sausagefest -05

    Yes it is and yes we will.
  9. You can only sue me if you lost by only one vote. Other than that start collecting names I guess.
  10. Local Gear Shop Directory

    Feathered Friends Second Ascent Marmot Mountain Works Pro Mountain Sports Quest Alb Backpackers Supply Cascade Crags Gear Store MEC REI Certainly nothing new. I would have added Pro Ski in North Bend, but they don't have a website for the store that I have found.
  11. Go look on page one. The results of the poll are now visible.
  12. That may be true in Canadia, but it was the third wettest month on record in Seattle. The early 1980's had a very strong el nino which lead to colder winters on Orcas where I grew up. We skated regularly on our pond which I don't know has frozen at all in the last fifteen years.
  13. What if we win this Game?

    I should have been more precise. Seahawks fans love him. Plenty of people were pissed about the stadium. I was not one, but there were plenty. I actually support tax payer assistance in sports facility construction. I believe that they are good for the area both financially and emotionally. Sports teams bring people together in a positive way. I do think that the Seahawks made one almost altruistic financial gesture this week. They chose not to show the game on the stadium big screen. They said it would not be fair to the neighboring establishments who have helped fund the stadium with increased taxes.
  14. What if we win this Game?

    Wow, things are different in Seattle than they are in Portland. Up here we love Paul Allen. If it weren't for him they would be the Anaheim Seaducks. Our vitriol is reserved for former owner Ken Behring. Owners aside I am just excited to watch a major team from my city play for a championship for the first time since I was four.
  15. Here is to completing the task. Sounds like a stout climb.
  16. swiss bob sleds

    Those I think you can actually get at REI. I remember seeing something like that near the registers at the Redmond location. They were red as I recall.
  17. Attention Big Truck Drivers!

    I think that if gas prices had not risen so sharply you would be seeing plans for a suburban with a full size pickup bed by now. Three cheers for three dollars a gallon!
  18. Half Ropes...

    Given that Beal's 8.1mm rope is 37% elongation I would say about 25 meters for a 70 meter and almost 30 for an 80 meter. That assumes ideal conditions and all of the rope out, but still, 100 feet is a lot of stretch.
  19. What Do you Want to See?

    This would be nice. I would also like search to return as many results as exist in the DB. A couple of times I have been searching for a post by a specific user and the show all user's posts only returns the last 200. If the post was older than 200 I have to find less commonly used words which may not work.
  20. Unfortunate Names

    I had a friend in high school who's brother was named Rusty Nail.
  21. Thermofitting boots for free??

    No free, but Sturevants in Bellevue will do it for not that much. I paid $20 and there was a guy who paid $10 while I was there. They charge by the hour. If you want to do it yourself try Telemarktips. This is a good discussion on how it might be done.
  22. Half Ropes...

    I just went to the Mammut website and you are right they don't mention passing both tests. It seems very odd and no smart legally speaking to suggest a use for which they do not have UIAA approval. I am not sure what to say about that. I also checked the PMI website and they have some ropes that passed both the Twin and Half tests. The Verglas 8.1 and the Fusion . There may be others.
  23. Things You Once Thought Were Cool

    Top Gun always has always will.
  24. Half Ropes...

    You are right that clipping both strands will generate bigger forces than clipping one strand to each piece and alternating strands. What Mammut is saying is that their rope has passed the tests for both half and twin ropes. This is more and more common as rope manufacturers get better at controling elongation. The Beal Joker passed the test for twin, half and single useage. I think that you will have to be the judge of when to use half and when to you twin configuration. It will depend on the quality of the pro and the straightness of the route. If the route is ice Alex suggest in this thread that using a screamer on every screw is a good idea.
  25. Why we're built the way we are...

    Those were electronics stores. She doesn't think she missed anything.