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  1. Hi all I just completed the intro class at portland rock gym and need a climbing partner... I have an year memebership so no I will not be bailing out after just a short time.... I am avalible week days from about 3 till about 8 and any time most weekends it would be great if I could get a partner with similar avalibility.... thanks... Jason
  2. Highway 35 Reopens!

    does any one know which side of the mountian they are going to open?
  3. climbing gear

    help....I had someone pm me but it got deleted before I read it could you please pm me again....... thank you
  4. climbing gear

    not yet but planed on doing that as practice up on Hood before going up ranier or any other routes of hood other than the south side...
  5. climbing gear

    I have read freedom of the hills sevral times from cover to cover.... and as for technical gear no I have none I will start with the easiest routes until I get my skills up a bit....
  6. climbing gear

    Hi all, I have gone up hood by my self about a dozen times I am planing on taking some newbies up with me this year and I want to do Ranier among others and I want to know what gear i should invest in ...right now all I have is an ice axe, shovel, crampons, gps, compass, radio, 4 season tent, -15 bag, pad, small butane stove and titanium mess kit oh yeah and good climbing boots.... what else would you sugest and with those sugestions what should I keep in mind when shopping.... thanks for any input...
  7. Hood snow conditions

    conditions up top were great after you got through the sleet and the fog...it let up at about 10,000' and just before day light made for a geart last part of the climb and summit
  8. Southside Hood on Weds or Thurs

    how was the climb I am assumming it was a bit windy....how was the snow do you need snow shoes or is it firm enough to do with out them...
  9. Alpine this Sunday-Monday

    there are a couple of use going up south side hood sat night sunday morning we will be off the mountian by about 10-11 sunday morning
  10. Hogsback Feb 10th

    I am going up sunday morning if you would like to join me....
  11. second season climber

    yeah and thank you all for your input very helpful
  12. "swiss bob" sled

    thank you all for your input I will check REI tomorrow
  13. Hi all I am going up hood southside on the 11th into the 12th company always welcome and if alternate route is prefered that works too.... Jason
  14. "swiss bob" sled

    I am looking for one of the small "swiss bob" sleds if anyone has one they want to sell or knows where I might get one locally that would be great...
  15. swiss bob sleds

    this bob sled is a little 12" x 12" sled that is great to pack up the mountian then sled down it only weighs 2 lbs. and handles great i have two but a couple for friends of mine want to find one for them selves after using mine...