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  1. Recomendations for a new harness?

    save yourself some time and a lot of $ Camp Quartz CR3
  2. What a stud, well done ... I want to know when we'll see an Almond Roca energy bar or a "Colin Mountain Bar"
  3. Now That's Funny

    LMAO .. thats hilarious
  4. FS: Chouinard X-15 $70 obo

    thanks Alex, appreciate the thought ... I've got a 50cm hammer ... what I would like to find is a 55cm axe .. Chouinard or BD
  5. BLACK DIAMOND X-15 BRS Ice Tools Circa 1991

    no worries .. just flipping you shit .. climb on
  6. BLACK DIAMOND X-15 BRS Ice Tools Circa 1991

    PeterZ ... here is a link from several years ago that has some info on the BRS tools. Chouinard X-15 tools As Alex points out above, the design made for a very fat shaft circumference .. they really suck with thick gloves
  7. BLACK DIAMOND X-15 BRS Ice Tools Circa 1991

    BEOTCH !! Did you post them in the "Yard Sale"? Man, my loss ... I guess it was 7 years ago when I was looking for one myself.. how time flies
  8. wtb la sportiva trango light evo extreme gtx

    did you try US Outdoor Store?
  9. [TR] Guye Peak - West Face 11/9/2010

  10. Glove systems

    what he said, you'd be surprised what a nuisance this can be
  11. The Alps rock .. what else can you say. Thanks for sharing .. makes me want to get back there even more
  12. [TR] Prusik Peak - West Ridge 10/20/2010

    climbing in your pj's?
  13. Strap-On or Clip-In?

    somewhere there is a picture of House on the North Face of The North Twin when he lost the shell to one of his boots .. clearly using G14's mono points with toe straps
  14. Helmets ?

    belaying - always ice - always on rock/alpine ... it depends on conditions/situation
  15. Devil's Thumb Enchainment

    outstanding indeed, well done
  16. Lightweight short technical ice axe w/hammer?

    all great choices .. if you can find someone willing to part with one
  17. Lightweight short technical ice axe w/hammer?

    hack 5~10 cm off the end of it, set it up in a drill press and have at it .... I'm sure Dane could do a nice job
  18. FS: Black Prophet ice tool, Chouinard ice tool, +

    dude .. get rid of this "mobile me" bs ... if you want to sell them post them in the cc.com galley under yard sale
  19. What is this piece of gear?

    looks like it is called "Slyde"
  20. I'm tell'in ya ... the boys and girls at Jenny Lake have this sort of thing dialed .. why the hell does RNP need to be any different than the Tetons .. why do any of the NP's need to be "different" .. typical government bs .. left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing .. why can't procedures for climbing in NP's be the same regardless of local ... our tax dollars at work ...
  21. Ever since the changes to the permit process in the mid 90's, it's puzzled me why the NPS climbing permit process on Rainier National Park is so much different than in the Tetons .. the Tetons are a breeze, I consider it one of the best systems in use .. Rainier sucks the big one!