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  1. From Mr Gadd

    wow .. glad the injuries were as minimal as they are .. lucky guy. I'm wondering if the right hand tool, flaying around by his right knee on its leash, had anything to do with his popping off? Lucky he didn't get stabbed on the way down Reasonable argument for an advantage to leash-less?
  2. GoLite Clearance Closet mens and womens apparel, packs and shelters 40~70% off
  3. 1 million post milestone

    ditto .. if you think your post is worthy of immortality find a relevant & constructive way to post it without the spray.
  4. try not to laugh

    the speed at which some of those guys were lowering off makes me wonder about busted ankles
  5. Rock Shoe Naming Contest

    Ted Bundy was a Husky [img:left]http://www.daynau.com/images/logos/logos200/Washington%20State_200.jpg[/img]
  6. Rock Shoe Naming Contest

    Alex .. manufacturing facilites, brand name ownership, all that aside ... you could've at least used a different color scheme for your logo
  7. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    apology accepted ... carry on
  8. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    I'd have to agree .. even realizing it was a quote from a previous post, it did change my perception of FF, at least that of the retail shop
  9. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Cotter-Bebie 1/26/2011

    nice job guys .. well done
  10. Hoody fans???? A sweater or a jacket?

    Ascent Primaloft Hoody now even better @ $96, if you can deal with blue (XL & XXL) or gold (M, L, XL & XXL)
  11. Grivel Jedi tools?

    I thought that same thing. you need to see the whole picture [img:center]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_0cbbuEiZiPg/TReqjgFGfaI/AAAAAAAABtw/G7enqthg8Wo/s1600/20101226_black%252Bcrag%252Bicefall_2214.jpg[/img]
  12. Grivel Jedi tools?

    Wasn't "Bubu" sponsored by Grivel years ago?
  13. Grivel Jedi tools?

    I believe they are one in the same or somehow closely related
  14. ID these boots!

    looking at the liner, it is very similar to some old Kastinger Robsons I had years ago .. circa 1984
  15. Enough of this chatter ... let's get back on subject .. Where's those photos?
  16. Mount Hood -- last day of 2010.

    Well if you'd learn how to frick'in ski, you wouldn't have that problem now would ya'?
  17. memorize this face!!!

    sounds like something Obama would say
  18. NEEDED Attorney Referral

    article refers to the Skokomish in Mason county
  19. Recomendations for a new harness?

    save yourself some time and a lot of $ Camp Quartz CR3