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  1. Wanting to convert 'newmatic' style (plastic toebail) G14 crampons to the metal strap 'cramp-o-matic' style. Cannot find a conversion kit or any vendor (especially Grivel) who carries a replacement wire bail replacement part. Want to be able to fit over larger double-boots, overboot combos, or AT boots for a Denali trip. -It appears simple enough of a procedure to remove the plastic bail, drill a 'catch' hole for the wire bail in the front spikes and adapt the strap. -Anyone come a cross a replacement wire bail for the cramp-o-matic or willing to trade a cramp-o-matic for a newmatic pair? I have the extender bar installed on the newmatics right now and are long enough for size 47 LaSportiva Nepal Evo Extremes but am upgrading to Baruntses and an overboot and don't think the plastic bail will accomodate the bulk. Ideas/takers? Thanks.
  2. Backcountry skiing from Haines??

    Any recommendations for routes/peaks for a multi-day alpine touring ski trip from Haines? Not familiar with the area but going with a buddy from New England, we've both backcountry'd around Tahoe and Northern Sierras. Tnx for any info!