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  1. Marmot CWM, Ropes, Cobras, Dragonfly

    Both pair of ropes and the third tool SOLD. Remaining: CWM, Cobras, MSR Dragonfly
  2. Marmot CWM, Ropes, Cobras, Dragonfly

    Bike sold. Grivel compact third tool added to the list - $25
  3. Marmot CWM, Ropes, Cobras, Dragonfly

    Tent sold - other stuff added (stove, ropes, tools) If you're interested in a sweet full suspension bike there's one for sale following the same picasa link too.
  4. Marmot CWM, Ropes, Cobras, Dragonfly

    Marmot CWM -40 bag, right Zip, standard length, 775+ down, used only 3 nights so it's essentially new. New cost over $550, asking $300. Mountain Hardwear Trango 2, four season mountaineering tent. I'm only car camping these days so it's time to pass this along. $175 obo SOLD Pair of Cobras, adze and hammer, old style. 300 $275 for the pair. Mammut 60-8.5 Pair - well used but good condition. I'm not sure I'd use these for rock climbing anymore as I'm not sure how old they are, but they're probably just fine for low angle or anything else. OF course I won't stop you from using em on vertical. I've certainly used worse. $50 for the pair BD 70M x 8.1 - these guys are light and long. Only used for one ice trip of one week. Never stepped on - in great shape. I don't know when or if I'll go again so the pair will for to the first $100. MSR Dragonfly stove. Very little use and still works great. The seals probably need some TLC like all the MSR stoves if they're not used for a while. $130 new asking $75 Call 812-340-1088 (I'm in Portland) or skdemars (at) gmail All photos here - https://picasaweb.google.com/skdemars/StuffForSale02?feat=directlink
  5. REDUCED - BD Cobras with leashes

    Ping - I reduced the price on these. Come get em! If you want em and don't live near I can ship. Contact me and we'll work something out.
  6. REDUCED - BD Cobras with leashes

    Finally doin it - I'm selling my cobras. One hammer, one adze. They're NOT the new version, but they ARE in excellent condition. They come with the picks, wrench, and slider leashes. First $300 $275 that get's to me in PDX wins this pair of tasty tools! (FYI just one of the new one's goes for over 300 but you probably already knew that) Shane 812-340-1088
  7. Eldorado, 404, CWM, ...

    They're in great shape. They were only used about 5 times.
  8. Eldorado, 404, CWM, ...

    All the updates can look confusing. Here's what's left. MHW Conduit SL Bivy $65 Marmot CWM $make an offer Silvretta 404 bindings on Karhu Catamount skis $200 PM me if you are interested in anything VT
  9. Eldorado, 404, CWM, ...

    The Sierra Designs bag is now SOLD! The Patagonis Dimension Jacket also SOLD! The rest of the gear is still available...
  10. Eldorado, 404, CWM, ...

    I'm moving to Indiana soon and need the gas money more than this gear. Here's what I have for sale: -Marmot CWM -40 bag $675 new / Make an offer -Bibler Eldorado single door w/ ground cloth used only once (~$600 new) asking $400 SOLD -Silveretta 404 bindings (lg) on Karhu Catamount Skis (175) Asking $200 -MHW Conduit SL Bivy (never used) asking $65 -Sierra Designs Moonlight sleeping bag asking $75 SOLD -Patagonia Dimension Jacket sz small $80 SOLD -Patagonia Stretch Light Jacket sz m $50 SOLD -Cascade Designs 1/2 bag $35 SOLD If you want the gear, but don't like the price make me an offer. PM me with any questions or interest, or use my hotmail account - verticalturtle(at) Cheers Shane
  11. Grybrd Solo atmpt,C2Ski,&Slideshow

    Mikey is so hard!!! Hard like rock!! At least in the head region. Cheers mike, I'm off to Mecca in 5 weeks....
  12. Where to go?

    Montana Lots of stuff there is not in books, but that's cause books bring folks lookin for routes and thats exactly what most Montanans (?) don't want. Oh yeah!! Most of the stuff in Antarctica is not published either. I think all flights are booked though.
  13. Gapers climb Triple Couloirs

    so was it mostly just snow?I would like to do it again if it is ice. Better question for Ray or others since you were just there. There is a mixed route that connects the small snowfields to the right of Serpentine. Did you happen to scope it, and did it look doable this year. vt Umm just say colin's post I guess it's in. [ 04-01-2002: Message edited by: verticalturtle ]
  14. Hanger Replacement at Vantage

    Just an update for those confused.Having just been there yesterday the ONLY rap station was above Bob's Your Uncle on webbing and biners. The other raps by chossmaster, Crackmaster lambada were all gone. It looked like the top clips of Buschido were gone too. Having just read this thread I do not suspect that those slings will last out there long... Umm, I hate to get into the debate as I just wanted to give the update but, since I started here are some things. The bolts are still there at the rap stations they just need chains. A dallop of epoxy on top of the actual nut after chains are affixed will prevent them from being robbed by anything less then a a large bolt cutter or pry bar if someone really wants to rip out the whole thing (it wouldn't seem so though). ALso for the scientific types just how long does the foot traffic impact last on the vegetation on the mesa top. vt
  15. twin/ half ropes

    The shortest answer is yes you can clip both, but the impact force will be greater. vt