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  1. FS: 10 ft section of rope - $10 each

    Sold! Go ahead and send them to Portland, OR and I got your cash here when it arrives! Sweet!
  2. Beware of user: Mirk's

    Stop being shady Mirk. It looks like you already sold it. If you have any decency or want to save your name you will post a vid or pics of this alleged core-shot-shorty rope. Otherwise you are just an old-fashion thief...
  3. Jason Wheeler - Cassin Ridge - PDX - Apr 26

    Sick! I am excited to hear his fast and light tips. Cassin Ridge is a serious endeavor. I heard Wheeler was on this the same time Colin Haley was going for Foraker.
  4. Boots for Pacific Northwest

    I am trying to pull the trigger on my next boot purchase. I want something for year round alpine and ice climbing. I am looking at the either the Kayland Hyper Tractions or the M11+. It seems the only difference is extra warmth (not much difference in weight). Does anyone in the area use these boots and what is their preference? Thanks for the tips...
  5. [Sold] La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX 47

    What size street shoe do you usually wear?
  6. [TR] Mt. Hood - Leuthold Couloir 1/22/2011

    One day or camp? What time did you start and summit at? Thanks!