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  1. BD harness, Nemo tent footprint

    PM sent on helmet
  2. Your climbing super hero.

    Where do your start ... Stump, Bridwell, Beckey, Chouinard, Terray, Lowes(s) ... and Fred of course.
  3. Where can I buy raw down?

    Not sure about today ... but I believe ... many, many years ago ... Feathered Friends would sell bulk down.
  4. Where to live

  5. Oregon field guide

    Boy .. that sure takes a guy back a few years! Viva La Lycra
  6. Some guides...

    LMAO Hello Kitty would be proud
  7. Some guides...

    I believe it's the typical "one bad apple" sort of thing ... there are truly some very talented and sincere people out there guiding From personnel experience, I found the "A-hole" issue to be very prevalent on Rainier in the mid-to-late 80's. After the Park opened the concession to more competition and people had choices, the number of "ass-hole-guides" seemed to be reduced dramatically. Some of them were 10x the jerks that some of the old "pre-Mike G" Rangers were. I will agree .. I've never run into an "ass-hole-guide" that was female. But I also don't get any where close to what I used to.
  8. Tetons Moderate Classics Early August

    ditto ... The Grand in August/September is a lightning magnet. That being said, it's a great venue regardless how you do it.
  9. Congrats ... Stellar read, great pics, thanks for sharing
  10. Grivel The Machine Ice Tool with Adze $40

    I'll take it .... PM sent
  11. [TR] Prusik - West Ridge 6/15/2013

    Thanks for sharing .... looks like a lot less snow than last year at the same time.
  12. Layton Kor

    Layton .. the Great One ... sad news indeed.
  13. Favorite climbing pack for ski mountaineering ?

    I've been really happy with the Osprey Kode 30 I picked up two seasons ago. Not a whole lot of extra BS straps and crap, nice division of wet and dry, tough as nails .. it worth taking a look at. I must admit .. looking at the MHM PowderKeg 32 that mtndfndr suggests, which has some very similar design features to the Kode 30, makes me wish I'd known about it prior to making my purchase on the Osprey unit. However, seeing that the PowderKeg 32 is almost double the cost of the Kode 30 ... my guess is that I would have stuck with the Osprey. Good luck and sweet turns ...
  14. .. excellent, looks like an absolute blast. Love that shot of the moon over JBerg
  15. Three late 90's Thule Roof Rack Bike Trays - $60 for all three or $25 for one Good used shape, Two have locks and a little dark blue mist from some spray paint (see 3rd photo) all have a few scratches, worst one shown in 2nd photo. Prefer local (PDX) sale only - I don't want to deal with shipping these. I'm willing to arrange pickup or free delivery (as long as you don't live in Government Camp or some place way out in the sticks)
  16. WTB: Charlet Moser Quasar Compact ( 3rd Tool )

    May be a long shot ... AAI had one in their Gear Sale last Oct AAI Gear Sale
  17. So I take it that you still haven't figured out how to use the AT setup that Rbw1963 and I set you up with ... keep on mushin'
  18. Reduced: Black Diamond Black Prophet Ice Axe

    I assume you relize that the adze shown doesn't fit that particular tool
  19. Wild Country Helium Recall (12/10/2012)

    You might want to edit the title of your post to reflect Wild Country ... not Wild Things
  20. Still looking to replace a long lost friend ... An act of stupidity 9 years ago during a very unsavory North Cascades bushwack left me without a long time companion that I wish to replace. I am looking for an original Chouinard / Black Diamond X-15 Axes with the plain carbon fiber/fiberglass over aluminum shafts .... no bonded rubber(BRS).