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  2. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    That is exactly my point of being suicidal. And a comment "good job" should be replaced as "you are fucking nuts, and stay away from me". Paragliding has way different safety culture, and people who take unnecessary risks are being shunned.
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  4. Dang. I wanna tour with you!
  5. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    The Ice Cliff Glacier will eventually slide in its entirety at some point soon. I hope I'm climbing the North Ridge when that happens!
  6. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    I don't know when classic Price Glacier was last climbed, but considering the shape it's in, it would be probably pretty suicidal at the moment. Last 10 years classic NF of Shuksan is basically falling apart, with large secions of rock being exposed by mid summer. So not a landslide, but glacial retreat due to climate change. Not Cascades, but Bugaboo/Snowpatch is usually too dangerous to be on by July. It suffered numerous large slides, with the biggest probably about 12 years ago. It would be interesting to study what caused this incredible demise of Joffre, and my understanding is that there were only a few slides of that magnitude in last several thousands of years. Another rockfall nobody mentioned yet is the Chief-top of Zodiac, taking out a section of Northern Lights area. Probably second largest rockfall, after Joffre.
  7. As per usual you did a far better job of capturing the scenery than I did. Beautiful photos!
  8. Mid/late June footwear

    Lol. Im just well insulated.
  9. I suspect nearly all have been on skis during the spring. It seems to get done by at least 5-10 parties a year, and there were at least three groups ahead of us this season. Oh, and we saw a mating pair of Harlequin ducks at the inlet to the lake!
  10. ARCTERYX ACRUX AR MOUNTAINEERING BOOTBrand New Size 10M $450 Great boot just don't fit the way I would like them to. Located at Snoqualmie Pass.
  11. Mid/late June footwear

    I think you have elephantitis.
  12. Mid/late June footwear

  13. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    Mt Rainier is considered the most threatening active volcano in the contiguous US, so when that blows...
  14. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    Still standing in a pile of pea gravel!
  15. Amazing trip and photos.
  16. I wonder how many people have been down to moraine lake? cool looking trip.
  17. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    my bet is something on Mt Baring is the next to go. or something on the black buttes/colfax/Lincoln area.
  18. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    is UW rock still standing or did it get crushed for the new highway?
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  20. Friendly reminder that the photos are sized for large screen work diversions, and that the cc.com photo viewer is activated by clicking on the first photo. I'll add some captions during the week....
  21. Mid/late June footwear

    Thats what I was thinking with the G2. I also want to run Cotopaxi, Blanc, the Matterhorn and a few other objectives so they will give me some flexibility. The more and more I think on it too much boot isnt a bad thing. Yeah, might be warm but weighed against the option of being too cold I will happily embrace it lol. Plus I have fat feet so I can afford to sweat a little weight off.
  22. Trip: Forbidden Tour - Standard plus Eldrorado ski Trip Date: 05/05/2019 Trip Report: I'd been wanting to do this tour for more than a dozen years and I wasn't disappointed....Let's just say that. We did it in a leisurely three days (camp one below Sharkin) which allowed for a full afternoon of oogling at one of the premiere deep holes in the range - Moraine Lake. Often looked at, but rarely visited, it has vistas that even Harvey Manning would struggle to translate into words. If you follow our itinerary, on days one and three you should expect shenanigans, which are mostly unavoidable, but such is the price for one of the great adventures in the range. It is worth the price of admission. Special kudos to the young Tyler, for putting up with the predictable banter (chronic pain, kids, politics, etc.) from a bunch of middle aged dudes for a few days, and gamely signing onto a trip where he didn't know any of us. Your enthusiasm for the range will serve you for many years! I could've spoiled it for you with a lot more info, but I'll let you dream about it for a few years and imagine, like I did. Gear Notes: Skis or splitboard. Whippet or light axe. Boot crampons, ski crampons, helmet, crevasse rescue gear, enough rope for a 30m rap. Approach Notes: Sharkfin col (go up the easy gulley but not all the way- turn left halfway up to established station) to Boston Gl. to Forbidden Gl to Moraine Lake to Inspiration and out standard Eldo trail.
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  24. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    I always wondered about those routes when I looked at them in the Beckey guide. Anyone know if there are any recorded ascents other than the FA's?
  25. Last Ascents in the Cascades

    Many of the FA routes in the Northern Pickets, which followed glaciers from Luna Cirque that have retreated and broken up enough since the 1940s to make them completely different and possibly unclimbable. The same probably goes for some of the less-common routes on the NE face of Johannesburg.
  26. Mid/late June footwear

    I have luck with Sportiva fit. My Pamirs, Lhotses, Cubes... all fit without a quibble. Granted I have various volumes of SF insoles to tweak footwear fit but nevertheless. For $637 I had no problem pulling the trigger on the G2s. Will run them on Rainier in June for the seminar. If my feet are a lill warm oh well. Plus they will serve me well further down. When I sat back and thought on it it makes sense. If I dont buy them now I will most certainly buy them later so may as well get it over with. Was a lil wigged out on the potential for boa failure but from what I have heard those who have had issue done so when the boot was early to the market. I will carry a kit regardless.
  27. for sale FS/FT alpine gear

    Getting rid of some stuff I don’t need Nothface Bibs $90 Thermarest Prolite (patched hole) $35 Scarpa Phantom Techs $250 REI -20 bag $100 Bug Agnes Lost ranger 15 degree bad Large $160 (stuff and storage sack) Big Agnes Roxanne Women’s bag $160 (stuff and storage sack) prusiks (sold) helmet (sold) OR Gloves (sold)
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