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  1. BD Cobra (both hammers) $450

    Price drop $450
  2. Paging Polish Bob

    Political situation in Poland is even more fucked compared to the US. I will elaborate more tomorrow, since my busted ankle I will have a bit time.Off to work though for now
  3. BD Cobra (both hammers) $450

    price drop
  4. 1 week - end of march - alpine where?

  5. BD Cobra (both hammers) $450

    Extra karma points if you buy them. I just broke my leg, it will help with bills.
  6. BD Cobra (both hammers) $450

    Selling one season old Black Diamond Cobra tools. I switched back to Petzl, so these have to go. Normal signs of use, picks are ok, but I will toss in 3 brand new picks (one BD and two from Kuznia). Contact me via txt or phone 360-nine2seven-48sixone. I don't check pm here. Tools are in Bellingham, but I can ship at cost. Tools are $450 cash (that is below wholesale).
  7. Rock Climbing Belay Glasses $35

    For sale brand new belay glasses. If you are interested please donate $35 to my wife's fundraising page - Athletes for Cancer After donation please send me your address and receipt. Free shipping! Thank you on behalf of my wife.
  8. Saying goodbye to cc.com

    The site lost it's luster from the early 80's, but what totally pissed me off is seeing banners advertising guns. Sorry, but I will not support gun industry. If anyone here wants to get hold of me, you can do it via email or fb.
  9. Banff Ice Conditions thread

    Don't go to Rockies, nothing is in, everything is melting and avi danger is super high. Nothing to climb on, just stay in WA and enjoy the rain.
  10. While most of us are chocking our chickens these guys are not slacking: Cerro Torre Traverse I guess times change
  11. Selling a pair (for a friend) of (older model) Scarpa Phantom 8000 size 46. They were used on one trip to Denali for 3 weeks. They are in need for new home, and they would be perfect for Alaska or other greater ranges trips. They are in pristine condition, never used on rock, just on West Butt. Asking $250 plus shipping+ paypal fee (or you can send as "gift"). I can email pics. my cell is 360 nine 2 seven four 861 or pm me here.
  12. [TR] Canadian Rockies - Ghost 1/3/2016

    After cutting the trees on the way to Ghost, Big Hill is not the crux, it's the drifts way before Big Hill, that will stop Subarus. And yes, after the floods and inability to drive on the dike, you will need a h/c vehicle to go to North Ghost.
  13. I don't want to pay for your climbing trip

    For ANY trip as the matter of fact. Climbing is just a self serving waste of time. It's not like you are you are curing cancer or feeding hungry. Particularly the climbs for cause make me wanna puke. Basically they are trying to have their vacation financed by public, and pretend they are doing greater good.
  14. Colin solos Torre Egger

    Incredible! Details
  15. Another avi fatality

    No details, probably skiers or snowboarders: Read