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  1. Beacon

    HOLY SHITE MUSLIM! Bold shite man, bold. I made it to the parking lot @ 11am thinking some cleaning and jugging might do the trick. Stepped out of the car thinking I'd be pleased to not have the car door ripped off it's hinges in the hurricane, made it to the restroom and back. A brief reflection of the wind knocking rocks off of Tower Rock with a trip you were on, coupled with another, generally more careful climber getting whacked unconscious by said rock where I wanted to go play gave me pause for reconsideration. Successfully opened the car door again and came home where it was still a balmy 43 degrees and no wind. Only thing of interest and suspicion was the park ranger truck and 2 BSNF "Police" vehicles parked in the climbers area.
  2. Paging Polish Bob

    Checking in the Bob's update. Glad I posted the full text, it's been a long time and I would have forgotten. Sorry about the ankle Bob, but if I can make one positive note, if we do tie in together now, I have a better chance of keeping up with you.:-) And Jason, no fury here. Not even sure what side of the isle I'd be tossed if I was in fact dwarf tossed onto one side. I read the 4th Turning recently and realized that regardless of the distractions, we're all fucked. Soon. Along those lines, if'n any of you read recently that the US was going to be putting in some anti missile defenses and you were thinking Guam and Hawaii at some point: it's on. They're in. Not in the news yet - an eyewitness reports that 5 or 6 anti-missile battery's are going in right now at the Ilwaco CC station mouth of the Columbia. The West coast will soon have other installations if they haven't been emplaced already. Just a heads up to pray for peace but do what you can to prep. It's moving along right briskly, horrifyingly to the thinking man, grinding over everything in it's path.
  3. First!

    Slick vid!
  4. Beacon

    Don't give up the ship just yet. There's at least one warm day, if not more, left in the year. 25 or bust amigo!
  5. New forum software!

  6. The writer nailed it too. Touching tribute. It's damned hard to do a brief summary of a person (family's) important points in that short of an article and still make it interesting. You're cutting out 7/8 of their life. I feel like I want to buy Lowell a beer just for being a good dude now just from reading it. The world needs more folks like those folks, sadly too many whom are not with us now, that's why yer heart goes out. I remember reading about Carl's death on Cascade Climbers, although it was sad and I'd never met the guy, was also shocked to learn about his impressive bad-ass accomplishments that he had quietly racked up. My best wishes go out to them all:
  7. Alpinist Magazine Buyer

    That's an insanely cute pup! Congrats! Looks expensive too. What ya pay for him? Bet it was at least $200 bucks. Good luck with the mags, I'm even more clueless on those so no help here.
  8. Beacon

    Saw those boys on YW todays, Jim and Sal making sure all was well. Wondered how it went for them. They started on Rythem Method thinking it was YW, Jim got them moved over. They liked Rythem Method. They were on the 2nd pitch Young Warriors so we walked under and went corner. They were accepting advice and at the P2 belay as we went past. Didn't them again. We dropped in and toproped both Separation Anxiety and Hazy Daze on the West Side. We both got a lap on each although Ujahn wanted Hazy Daze twice. One lap on both and I was toast: full sun 81 degrees. Car to car in 2-1/2 hours.
  9. Stuff is on fire

    It appeared to me that the firefolks had backburned all along I-5 JH, that's why it looked so good. Basically they concentrated and positioned their forces, bulldozed firelanes where needed, waited for a favorable wind, then started a fire from the road and it burned uphill. That results in the underbrush burning and significant fuel reduction and it's usually quite some time uphill until the trees crown out and start to burn. The Clackamas fire of 2 years back is an example of that. From the road the trees are green, once you get to where the backburn either flashed into the tree tops or met the oncoming wildfire, it looks like a charred desert. Then the rains come and eventually the underbrush the next years starts in looking green again.
  10. Stuff is on fire

    Out at Beacon both Sat and Sunday. Smokin ash. Lots of it both days although it let up some here and there. Kind of came and went. Paid the $2 to cross Bridge of The Gods and drive back on the newly opened 1-84. Lots of little smoldering spots yet. Was happy to get out and have a great weekend as the forcast is rain Monday, ie today, until forever. I pulled up the rain radar and it looks like Eagle Creek area is getting good and moist, so hope that fire season just ended. Last week Ujahn and I did a lap on Wednesday at Beacon and the smoke pretty much stayed away for the most part. Went to Skamania for a beer and entertainment. Loaned the waitress my Steiners and she was pretty surprised and happy. The flames were directly across the river, appeared to be shooting up hundreds of feet.
  11. New moderator

  12. fuck yeah

    Sprayer: goes to 11
  13. my opinions of CC.com

    Holy smoke, did I really just read that all the way through for the 2nd time? Totally forgot the first, although I will note that I had a couple posts over 10 years back it appears. Which way to the Alzheimer ward?
  14. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    HEY CAN WE GET BACK TO TALKING ABOUT HOW WALMART TENTS OUTPERFORM LIKE....LIKE ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE!!!??? Unless you folks have some pictures of Sam's mom you'd want to share of course.....
  15. Ho man, don't be getting Ivan all cranked up now Joseph. This route is what happened when we did it last time:-) Mor photos later. Resting on a ledge about 1000 feet up while Geoff toils above and Ivan quaffs one. The large mature Doug Fir trees seems smallish, and the Tower shadow cuts across them as if they were just so many blades of grass. ps, The traverse behind me is best done to where I sit and not stopped at the anchor back there. Ivan left that rope fixed for ya'll. You'll appreciate it.