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  1. Bob Byhre - Camel Stud

    Brock Adams was on page 85
  2. Hayden Kennedy Dead

    An account of the events. The slide happened on the Saturday the 7th, and he looked for three hours, then hiked home. S&R was notified at 10pm on Sunday, under conditions which remain unclear but were probably from the suicide note, text or call. http://www.mtavalanche.com/accident/17/10/12 The time line is chilling
  3. [TR] Mount Whitney - East Buttress 9/7/2016

    OMG, a CBS post!
  4. 81 years of age http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/heraldnet/obituary.aspx?pid=186446931
  5. beginner rock in/near Wenatchee?

  6. New moderator

    The video of you guys beating up the nurse is all over the net
  7. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    Figured it out, it an SL [img:left]http://cascadeconnie.com/images/gear/early-winters-catalog_omni.jpg[/img]
  8. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    Now there's this tent, which I don't think is an omnipotent, but rather a winterlight http://www.ebay.com/itm/EARLY-WINTERS-OMNIPOTENT-/262392012741
  9. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    And the OP still hasn't posted the price, location and SN of the tent.
  10. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    Berate? I'd say what I did hardly rises to that definition. The OP clearly knew he had the opportunity to edit his post, or to make another post when he responded to me, but he chose the victim shtick, and his stuff still isn't on the market. You seem to have a preoccupation with how up-to-date this site is. Weird. A forty year old tent can still suffer fabric damage even in storage. Have fun in your safe space.
  11. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    How about the rule that classified ads go into the classified ad section? Now if that basic rule had been followed we wouldn't be here crying a river about the meanies, geocities, dick birds and Sam Furley's mom.
  12. Early Winters Omnipotent Tent Available :)

    Your mom seems to like my basement just fine.