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  2. McKinley Tent

    Am alive. And kicking! Rumors of demise greatly exaggarated. But thanks for the nice obituary
  3. question "Heat Exchanger" pots with XGK?

    Yes, done it many times. Works great but I never compared it directly to other pots. I had a Primus Eta whitegas stove that had an integrated large pot with a lower heat exchanger, it was much more akin to a whisperlite than a canister system. I then got a standalone Eta pot with bottom heat exchanger and used it exclusively with a whisperlite, and added the MSR outside heat exchanger too!
  4. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    I wish I still aid climbed Ivan. Despite the fact that I've given up the habit, I'd love to share a camel at a belay station with you again. Long live the Grizz
  5. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    one apex predator to another, the grizzly bear can kiss my ass
  6. Grizzlies in the North Cascades?

    Zinke is a tool of the highest order but even a broken clock is right twice a day. I'm all for restoring Grizz to any of their native range that is reasonable. The amount of apes taking up space in prime habitat is a bit problematic though. Maybe I'll get the chance to hunt Grizz before my days are up! "Cattlemen were incensed, stating they have already faced too much carnage from the return of the wolf to Washington"
  7. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/interior-secretary-ryan-zinke-throws-support-behind-grizzly-bear-recovery-in-north-cascades/ Thoughts?
  8. Any climbing mentors???

    I was a member of the mountaineers but my budget can't afford continuous courses. I have gone on some of the outings, but tended to feel stuck with people I didn't necessarily click with. I am hoping to practice what I have learned at a minimum and gain more knowledge through more doing. Luckily, have received a couple messages and am feeling positive about being able to connect with some great people on here. I appreciate your response and recommendations!
  9. question "Heat Exchanger" pots with XGK?

    Did a test comparing regular pot to a jet boil pot on a non jet boil stove both pots had 2 cups water and same stove setting. Non jetboil pot has a little bit bigger base area. I took the insulator off the jet boil pot cause I thought that stove heat may melt it. time to rolling boil for jet boil pot was 4 minutes time for rolling boil on a regular pot was 4.5 minutes
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  11. Ortho recommendation (knee)

    Dr. Christopher Wahl. He's an athletic guy, and gets athletic people, huge experience with athletes, and great surgeon if it's needed. http://www.wahlmd.com/ Him and his team have been helping me with my knee issues.
  12. Got this magazine today

    Crumpet and her hour old offspring named Meat.
  13. Dan Helmstadter TRs - Photo restoration

    Good work Oly, that's the sort of awesome history this place can be a good repository for.
  14. Dan Helmstadter TRs - Photo restoration

    So much sickness!
  15. Bear Mountain: The Diamond

    Thanks for the beta @dberdinka! Super helpful. Sounds like quite the undertaking. (From photos only, I wonder whether there might be an approach on rock, up one side or the other, that avoids the gully in later season...)
  16. Mountaineering in the Cascades - June/July 2018

    Hey, I'm interested in the North Ridge on Baker and might be interested in Rainier depending on what route you have in mind. NikiY, if you're still looking for partners as well, I'd be down to talk!
  17. Dan Helmstadter TRs - Photo restoration

    chugging along, more fixed:
  18. questions Questions about new forum software?

    It's there, just different @cgolden123 . Thanks for bearing with the site!
  19. questions Questions about new forum software?

    @JasonG Yes, it helps. I was just under the impression that that feature from the old site was going to eventually be back with the new site.
  20. questions Questions about new forum software?

    So.... @cgolden123, things are a bit different than on the old site. There is no home of TRs per se, they are filed under the various geographic forums, intermingled with other posts. To find them all in one spot you need to go to the link Oly posted above. Does that help?
  21. questions Questions about new forum software?

    Thanks @JasonG . I am probably just blind, but how do I access that link without using the actual link itself? When I go to 'Forums', I don't see a link to 'Trip Reports' like your link suggests. All I see are the options listed under 'General Discussion' (Climbers board, CC.com News, etc) and 'Route Reports' sectioned off into different geographies. Again, I am probably just missing something here, it just doesn't seem obvious. As always, thanks for all you guys do.
  22. questions Questions about new forum software?

    @cgolden123 I understand the issue now that link is actually the RSS feed itself and not a link to latest trip reports. We will fix that. If you want the latest TRs they are sorted chronologically here http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/tripreport
  23. Climbing Partners

    I live out in Cle Elum. Ill have to check out the forum, thanks for the info!
  24. questions Questions about new forum software?

    @JasonG Yes and yes. I am logged in, and I'm trying to access the 'Latest Trip Reports' link on the sidebar of the front page.
  25. questions Questions about new forum software?

    are you logged in when you get this message @cgolden123? And you're talking about the trips/posts listed on the sidebar?
  26. questions Questions about new forum software?

    Still having an issue trying to access 'Latest Trip Reports' from the homepage. Everytime I click the link, I get the below error. "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." Any ideas on how to access latest trip reports? I've been getting this error for awhile now.
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