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Stolen Guidebooks


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Hi all,


I am currently on a month long honeymoon/climbing road trip (lucky right?) and my messenger bag was stolen out of my car (along with cash, and a few other odds and ends) while it was parked right in front of Pike's Place market. Inside of it were the following guidebooks:


Squamish Select 1st Edition

Squamish Select 2012 Edition

Cascades Rock by Blake Herrington

WA Pass Supertopo

Smith Rock State Park guidebook

Bugaboos Guide by Atkinson/Piche

Alpine Select: Climbs in SW BC by Kevin McLane

Frenchman Coulee

Sky Valley Rock

Supertopo: High Sierra/Yosemite/Tuolumne Free Climbs


Along with the books, a Suunto watch, some julbo sunglasses, a petzl headlamp, and a few charging cables are gone. I don't really need the pens or chapstick back.


Some of those books you might notice as being rare/out of print/quite valuable. If anyone happens to notice a bulk of guidebook being sold on craigslist or elsewhere, it would be awesome if you could contact me. From looking around the 'crime scene,' and talking to folks, we found the messenger bag and some of my business cards, but no guidebooks.


It's a real bummer, because the thief likely was hoping it was heavy, full of laptop/electronics. Instead it was full of my treasured guidebooks that for many of them even the asking price can't replace. So, any information you may have, I really appreciate it.


I am checking craigslist and have contacted some used gear stores. Not that it is important but because this is the internet - yes my car was locked, it appeared clear and empty, my windows are dark tinted, and they did not break the glass but forced the door open somehow. My truck is 1999 and has manual door locks.





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Hard to tell if it's related, but there is a copy of Sky Rock described as 'very good condition' on Amazon listed by a "just launched" seller shipping from Washington. No other books for sale.


Went to see what copies were going for nowadays and it caught my eye.

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