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  1. Stolen Guidebooks

    Hi all, I am currently on a month long honeymoon/climbing road trip (lucky right?) and my messenger bag was stolen out of my car (along with cash, and a few other odds and ends) while it was parked right in front of Pike's Place market. Inside of it were the following guidebooks: Squamish Select 1st Edition Squamish Select 2012 Edition Cascades Rock by Blake Herrington WA Pass Supertopo Smith Rock State Park guidebook Bugaboos Guide by Atkinson/Piche Alpine Select: Climbs in SW BC by Kevin McLane Frenchman Coulee Sky Valley Rock Supertopo: High Sierra/Yosemite/Tuolumne Free Climbs Along with the books, a Suunto watch, some julbo sunglasses, a petzl headlamp, and a few charging cables are gone. I don't really need the pens or chapstick back. Some of those books you might notice as being rare/out of print/quite valuable. If anyone happens to notice a bulk of guidebook being sold on craigslist or elsewhere, it would be awesome if you could contact me. From looking around the 'crime scene,' and talking to folks, we found the messenger bag and some of my business cards, but no guidebooks. It's a real bummer, because the thief likely was hoping it was heavy, full of laptop/electronics. Instead it was full of my treasured guidebooks that for many of them even the asking price can't replace. So, any information you may have, I really appreciate it. I am checking craigslist and have contacted some used gear stores. Not that it is important but because this is the internet - yes my car was locked, it appeared clear and empty, my windows are dark tinted, and they did not break the glass but forced the door open somehow. My truck is 1999 and has manual door locks. Thanks, Andrew
  2. Stolen Guidebooks

    What do you think the chances are the insurance company will accept this crappy cell phone photo I took a while ago of something in my house, capturing guidebook shelves in the background? Can't say I'm not trying!
  3. Stolen Guidebooks

    Thanks for the amazon tip, will sit back and see if the seller adds more books.
  4. Stolen Guidebooks

    Thanks olyclimber, hopefully they turn up. Used books stores haven't seen them yet.
  5. Nice Ivan - good tour of some of the classics and shenanigans.
  6. Denali tents, 3p or 4p? (for 3 people)

    +1 to what BGardner said.
  7. red rock ideas

    All of the routes suggested (save for the ones on solar slab wall) will be in the shade. Anything in the Black Velvet or Dark Shadows area will be full shade all day. Depending on the weather, this will either be appreciated or cursed. Tunnel Vision is a route I usually chose to do in the middle of early fall/late spring heat, same with Frogland, Dark Shadows, Epinephrine, Dream of Wild Turkeys, etc. Check out Rainbow Buttress, 5.8+. Only 8 pitches but a long walk, which should keep the crowds down. Also a super long and involved decent if you walk it off completely, otherwise do Sunspot Ridge first to figure out the Black Orpheus descent, and then do the chicken lips descent off of Rainbow Buttress, which connects into the Black Orpheus descent. Also Sunspot Ridge that I suggested shouldn't be crowded, I doubt it gets climbed more than 10 times a year. Crimson Chrysalis is also in the shade, and will be nuts crowded. Nearby is Ginger Cracks and while it goes a grade harder 5.9, it is a much more fun climb, with less bolts, and less people, will get a little bit of sun and with a more interesting descent that isn't directly back down the route. You'll rappel Power Failure, which goes at .10c, and you can set up a TR on the first or second pitch for some more fun as you rap if you're interested. I'll keep thinking. Oh - Birdland is a super popular 5.7+ish route that gets full sun. Right next to it is Rawlpindi, which can be climbing to The Big Horn. The Big Horn is an awesome crack, and everyone on Birdland will look at you and think you're rad for climbing a different route that is super cool. You'll be happy that you're the only one on that route, and enjoying a fun crack. As with all these routes, read the comments on the Mountain Project to get up to date anchor/descent information.
  8. Thanks for a great time kirk
  9. $200 incl. shipping obo This Snowboard is Brand NEW and has never been used. Below is the information from the manufacturer: "You’ll be begging for your next hit. Highly addictive, the Fix™ becomes the life of the party with Burton's latest rocker design. Concentrating control between your feet while lifting the tip and tail, P-Rocker creates a highly forgiving board that’s super easy to press and manipulate. Mellow flexing and armed with the catch-free combo of Scoop tips and Rail Ready™ edges—everything about this board has been built to help you slaughter the park without getting severed." "Key Features of The Burton Fix Snowboard 152cm: The Channel NEW P-Rocker SHAPE: Twin FLEX: Twin FEEL: 3 CORE: Park Fly II Core with Dualzone EGD and Negative Profile FIBERGLASS: Dual Density Triax Response BASE: Sintered EDGES: Rail Ready Tune SIDEWALLS: 10:45 EXTRAS: The Park Scoop, Pro-Tip, and Infinite Ride Length: 152cm Effective Edge: 111.7
  10. I am a huge fan of my Petzl Tikka XP2 Core. It comes with a rechargeable and programmable battery pack. Every time I go out, I leave with a full battery and it lasts extremely well. I could even take extra AAA batteries and still put those in by removing the rechargeable core in the field (very easy). For what it is worth, I'm a fan.
  11. Evolv Astroman

    The Fiveten grandstone is a beautiful shoe. I love mine.
  12. how would you deal

    Jug back up the rope, try again?
  13. Thanks matt. Pm sent with the original email.
  14. Thanks Off White, I believe I sent Matt an email, but I'll look up the other guys too.
  15. Whats the word (meaning ethic, acceptableness, etc.) of re-bolting or equipping new routes/additional pitches to existing routes? I would really be interested in investing some time and effort into Darrington, but don't want to rock any boats. I would love to be able to do this in the same ethic that is currently being used. Any information helps, thanks!
  16. Enjoy!!

  17. Odd post on CL seems like stolen gear

    It was AAI that was broken into, however none of these items are items that were stolen from our inventory.
  18. FS: BD Sabers (Cromo), slings, QD's, ski helmet

    pm sent on slings.
  19. cry for help

    I worked on the oil rigs out in Wyoming. Business there (and more recently, North Dakota) is booming, and you can make tons of money. Fortunately/unfortunately, the industry seems (to me) to be at least 75% former or current felons. I say fortunately/unfortunately because while the industry doesn't seem to mind if you have a criminal history, there are many workers who are still committing crimes or relapsing often. It may not be the best atmosphere for your son who is trying to be on the straight and narrow. He can however, make tons of quick cash to pay for school and such if that's one of his goals.
  20. Cosley-Houston/Colfax Peak

    Anyone get a look lately or have an idea if it would be in? I know there was a TR about two weeks back, but wondering if anyone has seen it more recently? Thanks.
  21. Found: Gear on TC

    DPS - I likely found your angle piton back in December. There was a mess of cord attached to it, but doubt the cord was yours. It's all rusty and such - should I send you a picture?
  22. Lots of stuff for sale. Local in Bellingham. Can drop off anywhere on the I-5 corridor towards and including Seattle/Tacoma. Shipping negotiable elsewhere. Can provide more pictures upon request. All prices are "or best offer," so talk to me. =) PM or email questions to andrew (dot) yasso AT gmail (dot) com La Sportiva Nepal Evos Size 11 (euro 44.5) - $160 obo These boots never leaked, I simply seam gripped the rand so that they truly would never leak. Tons of life left in them. Scarpa Summit GTX Size 46 Euro - $100 obo Excellent boot with tons of life left. Used for half a season, and then discovered they don't fit me very well while ice climbing. No leaks. Marmot Thor 2P Tent - $190 obo Great AK Basecamp tent. Feels more like a 2+. Used primarily as a car camping tent as it is a little heavy. Huge poled front vestibule for cooking (not set up in photo). Comes with original repair kit. Dyanfit ZZues Size 28.5 (Men's US 10.5/11ish) - $250 obo Liners have been molded once, have original/unused plates that convert these boots to use with alpine bindings. Black Diamond Voodoo 88mm Skis (175cm length) w/ Dynafit Vertical TLT ST 10/11 Bindings - $415 obo Will throw in a pair of skins for free with these, because they were the first pair of skins I cut and I didn't cut them very well. Fully functional however. Have seen one season of use. Willing to sell as package with boots above. Make an offer. Comes with Dynafit manufactured leashes (avy/guide). BCA Stash Alp 40 Like New - $60 obo Comes with original nalgene/cambelback attachment if you want it. Osprey Variant 37L Small Torso/Medium Hipbelt - $90 obo The pack is currently being sent to Osprey to have the zipper repaired on the top brain. They will restore the whole pack to "good as new" status. You can see I added some Velcro to the front to affix a logo. It was glue on Velcro, and will peel off and leave no mark. Cool Nanga Parbat Mountaineering Synthetic Camp Booties - $10 obo Worn to 17,200 ft on Denali. A little heavy to take back, but could be cool for wearing around the house. Mountain Hardware Defiant Pant Size Large - $25 obo Full zips Osprey Crampon Packet - $10 or free with purchase
  23. FS: Skis, Climbing boots, Packs, Tent, etc.

    bump for price drops
  24. FS: Skis, Climbing boots, Packs, Tent, etc.

    Osprey pack and tent likely sold. Offer me prices on other stuff people.