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Renting harness and rope


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even if you could rent a harness (guide services do but usually for their guests), a alpine bod harness from black diamond is pretty cheap. $35. you would probably spend more on rental fees for a 3 days trip than buying one new.


If you ask around enough, someone could probably give you their old retired half rope and then cut it down (getting rid of any bad spots)to the size you want.

Now the size of your glacier rope is another discussion altogether.

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Can you advise what you are going to do with it and what your needs are? For example, I have @ 14 or more harnesses. Some barely make it around my wide ass any more. If you were doing something super cool, like taking a 78 year old woman up her first mountain climb (snow), I'd be temped to just give you an old POS that would work great for glacier travel at a time when a crevasse fall could only occur intentionally as they are so open and visible, but that might give the Todd Skinner effect if you jumped off the Leaning Tower.


Portland State rentals: https://www.pdx.edu/recreation/sites/www.pdx.edu.recreation/files/EQC%20large_0_0.pdf




REI, they use too rent such things: https://www.rei.com/stores/rentals.html#oregon


Perhaps? "Mountaineering Gear" should include Ice axes, crampons...harness's? hmmm Call them.


Oregon Mt Community, they use to be the go - to guys for this very thing. http://www.omcgear.com/rentals


Looks like you need to call them. Good folks, but I won't speak for my knowledge of 40 years back. You need to call. Phone: 1-800-538-3604


If any of that trash don't work, speak up and we can help you sort it out. Or die trying:-)

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