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Figure Eight or Double Fisherman's Knot???


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I'm looking for everyone's opinion on tying two ropes together for a long rappel. I've heard two different stories regarding which knot to use.


I've heard the figure eight can fold back on itself causing it to untie, but if you have a backup knot, are you still in danger? The pro I've heard to this knot is that it can be pulled around corners much more easily keeping the rope from getting stuck.



I've heard the double fisherman's knot is stronger with less room for error in this application. However, it may become stuck when pulling it over a corner because of the barrel shape around the natural lay of the rope.


Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!



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figure 8 can untie and the fishermans is bulky


there are two figure 8's out there that fire up this little controversy. Using a figure 8 in a euro death knot config is dangerous as said above. It can be used like a square knot though, with the tails backed up. No real point that I can see though. EDK seems to work just fine. figure8.gif

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What about a figure 8 when you follow it backwards....ie the tails are at opposite ends of the knot. Anyone do that?
see the image in a post near the beginning...I think that's what you are talking about. Nice to see the monthly rope-joining knot discussion is in full swing again.
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