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Summitpost Mt. Hood


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I hope he is trolling, i quit reading after the bottom of page 1, even with all the proper gear, I had my panties in a bunch the first time up Hood on the final ascent.


Although who knows, I watched the video of the guy on Rainier with just a small pack in shorts, attempting a summit..until the rangers got hold of him.

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I read all 40-some comments and ROFLMAO'ed the whole time. :laf:

I think "Diesel" could actually be our old nemesis Divot or Arc from years gone by. Hell, it could even be the Marmot Prince!


Whaddaya think, Off? Does Diesel smell like Divot?

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Oh, nice find! The avatar name certainly hints at the arc - divot - crampon - icefall person, but I think the troll is too finely played with so much control that it doesn't fit that other person's profile. I'm pretty sure it was a troll, real master work, and the summitposterians really took the bait.

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