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How do you decend a weighted, tight, rope efficiently with no clothes on, no gri gri, no brains, no extra rope, no brains, no beer, no passing go, no prussiks, no belay device, only one oval biner on your harness?

My first guess, which works, is to use your HCL.gif and wrap it around the biner to make a sort of kleimheist, but that is very timely and could lead to infertility. Any other tricks out there?


I am just being a dumass, no offense should be taken by Senior Simpkins or anyone else who has an affinity to be prepared for the emergency that occurs with the statistically probability of winning the lottery.

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Wrap your arms and legs around the rope, then slide. Your dead partners body will cushion your landing when you reach the bottom. (Preferably your partner will not be wearing a helmet in this scenario.)


Seriously though, if you led up and placed a decent amount of gear, couldn't you clip your one biner through the rope and your belay loop and lower as best you could until you hit the next piece of gear? Pulling on the weighted rope and using the pressure to paste your feet to the rock would help minimize falling between peices. It would be like taking repeated whips on a climb: it would suck but you probly wouldn't die.

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