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  1. yo mama

    "Yo Momma got a peg leg wit a kickstand. Yo Momma, Yo Momma, Yo Momma."
  2. Cool Bulldog- No Bull

    This kitten could waste you both...
  3. Mt. Adams (FR-80 / FR-8040 Access)

    Aiken Lava Bed? I heard those lava beds are gay...
  4. gettin some...

    What's the details on 'Gato Negro', I'm not familiar wit it. I did 'Rebel Yell' last summer and it was awesome. We did it in a day but it would be sweet to camp out up there and spend a few days ticking off routes and tipping back .
  5. gettin some...

    I've scored quite a bit of booty over the years, but none as weird as last time. I was at Castle Rock and someone deliberately put a #2 Camalot and a quickdraw in my backpack. I didn't see them do it and I didn't notice until the next day. I usually keep the booty I find but it didn't seem sporting this time so I posted. It will be home soon.
  6. Truck Bed Storage / Camping Kit ***Take A Look***

    www.truckvault.com They make all kinds of kits for just about every make and model.
  7. room for rent

    The living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom are all common areas? I assume that is what you mean. Does anyone else live there or is it all yours? Deposit? I might want to check it out.
  8. Found Sunday @ Castle

    I don't know how you lost it and I'm not sure how it ended up in my pack, but if you can identify it I will return it. Neither my partner nor I saw this item on Sunday, but it was in my pack Monday morning. PM brand, size, markings, and carabiner type and we'll arrange something.
  9. exxon valdez follow-up

    I wasn't talking about what Juan gets for his beans, I was talking about what we pay for them at Starbucks. Gas is expensive here, cheap there. We pay much more for a coffee bean (especially if it's covered in chocolate) than they pay for a gallon of gas. Anyway...I never buy gas at Exxon. I'd like to see that company wringed dry of both money and oil. Money can go to Prince William Sound, oil to help the cost of gas right now.
  10. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Yeah, the Nodder doesn't get a lot of appreciation when you know you're getting the real thing in a few moments anyway. But then you get on a long cross-country drive and you'd just kill for a Nodder, even though it might kill you when your car crashes... This is about blowjobs right? Nodder?
  11. exxon valdez follow-up

    "In my home country of Venezuela gas is 28 cents per gallon, about what you Americans would pay for just one of our coffee beans at Starbucks."
  12. exxon valdez follow-up

    Looks like national security has knocked the environment to the back burner: when a fuel barge exploded in NY harbor a while back everyone wanted to know if terrorists were responsible. The explosion turned out to be an accident caused by the owner. Exxon. No one even blinked.
  13. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Sometimes it's hard to drive when you're getting a nodder, other times it's hard to stay awake... ...either way, you still appreciate the nodder.
  14. 11wrth wide crack day tour?

    What about Madsen's Chimney? I remember it as being short but fairly punishing.

    BUT WAIT!!!