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Highway 20 Reopening


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Looks like it's going to be an early one. The east side crew has been on a rampage with their snowblower in the last week.


Follow progress here.



"Day 10 - April 9 - Week 3

By the end of day Tuesday, the east side crew's clearing effort had progressed past Blue Lake Trailhead and Whistler (the last of the significant avalanche zones) to Bridge Creek at MP 159 under overcast skies in 50 degree temperatures by late afternoon. The starter on the second Kodiak snow blower broke, delaying the work a while.

The westside crew's clearing progressed to MP 154-about a mile beyond the Swamp Creek sand pile, meaning the crews are now 5 miles apart. New snow and wind is in the forecast for Wednesday which may slow progress a bit."

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I need to find some concrete directions to North Gardner from my side (Grand Coulee Area). Seems every time I find a set they are outdated for whatever reason.


Various printed and online sources have incorrectly described (sometimes significantly) the driving directions, driving distances, and road names required to reach Wolf Creek Trail #527, the trail that leads to the standard approaches for Gardner Mountain. To compound things further, even the USFS website has outdated access information posted on its online Wolf Creek Trail page.


Here are the exact driving directions:


1) Head south through Winthrop along Highway 20.

2) Shortly after crossing a small bridge, turn right onto Twin Lakes Road.

3) After 1.3 miles, turn right onto Wolf Creek Road.

4) After 2.8 miles on Wolf Creek Road, turn left onto Left Fork Wolf Creek Road.

5) After 3.8 miles, the road forks. Veer left at the fork, continuing another 0.6 miles to the Wolf Creek Trailhead and large parking area.


Up to date?

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