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[TR] Cabient Mountains - Ojibway Peak - Standard Route 9/22/2012


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Trip: Cabient Mountains - Ojibway Peak - Standard Route


Date: 9/22/2012


Trip Report:

Since moving to Spokane for school at the beginning of the month, I have had a good time exploring some of the local cragging and the classic Chimney Rock Chimney Rock. Yesterday though, I got to venture into the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness area of Western Montana, which I personally had never heard of until I moved out here. The SW face of Ojibway caught my eye in the book, and it was an easy sell to Andy to go check it out.


Unfortunately all the pictures have some degree of haziness from all the Central WA fires. If anyone wants more beta or to climb some of these other peaks I'd be happy to go back.


The SW face:



So we left Spokane early saturday morning and started hiking in some great fall colors in the early morning.




Once you get up to Rock Lake, the mountains reveal themselves



At the base of the route: follow the right facing corner, go through the roof, continue up cracks and face climbing to just left of the top of the face



Looking down P2 at Andy coming thru the roof



Andy following P3:



Looking down P4:



Andy climbing P4:



The traverse to start P5:



Andy following:



You top out and have just a little ways to scramble up to the top. Good views of the surrounding peaks





We capped off the trip with a nice dip in the Lake



Gear Notes:

Single set of cams and nuts. A #4 is not needed despite what the guidebook says.


Approach Notes:

Drive to Noxon, MT. Take FS 150 and it is smooth driving all the way to the TH.

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The guidebook gives a rating of 5.7. I'd say its a fine alpine rating, however a feel a 5.7 leader would be out of place because of the mandatory runouts. A lot of this climb is face climbing because the crack isn't that great for climbing or taking pro.


We did the route in 6 pitches, going 60m, 50m, 30m, 25m, 45m, 20m. The third and fifth required a bit of traversing hence the shorter lengths. The hiking guidebook says its 8 miles round trip to the lake, so maybe 10ish plus the extra elevation to the face. The trail is very easy, I think it took us about 9 hours round trip.


Andy's pictures



the roof on p2



Me with a stupid grin


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