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  1. Wow, it all must be the wild squirrel espresso....
  2. [TR] Lion's Head - Lion Tamer 10/1/2012

    Awesome job, thanks for sharing!!!!!!
  3. Nice Job, looks like a fun route!!!!!
  4. [TR] Sawtooths, Elephants Perch - 8/19/2010

    BEST TR EVER!!!!!!!
  5. Wow, stellar looking rock on a WAY burly route, Good job boys!
  6. Trip: Sawtooths Idaho - Hell roaring lake - Finger of fate- Open book Date: 9/17/2012 Trip Report: I first heard of the Finger of Fate from John Frieh, a total bad a$$ alpinist I climbed with at the city of rocks in April of 2010 or so. John said something like, it’s one of the best climbs I’ve ever done, and it’s only 5.8. More on the 5.8 part later. One of my regular climbing partners Matt L and I had the opportunity to climb it this Monday. We were more then a little apprehensive about the fires that are ragin in the area, so far 1.5 million acres have burned in Idaho this season, more then any other state. Other then a little smoke and diminished views, it wasn’t a problem. We left East Idaho at 2 pm or so on Sunday and after picking up a half case of Pabst Blue ribbon in Arco (is there a more depressing town any where?) we managed to make Stanley in time for dinner at the burger joint. I talked to two paramedics who were working with the fire crews, they said the fires were expected to burn until snowfall. We made it up to the upper Hell-roaring lake trail head, in day light, it is a very rough road, with 4-low almost required (unless you hate your car). We had a few beers and no fire (sadly a burning ban was in place), camping sucks with out a fire. here is a link to the pics and more TR Finger of fate Gear Notes: Doubles .5-3 camalots, 1#4 and 1#5 Approach Notes: 3 hours from upper hell roaring trail head to the route, two hour son the descent
  7. Awesome pics, on a rarely traveled area, What did you think of the rating, soft or stout??? How long in miles and time was the approach on the trail??? Thanks for sharing!!!! -Ezra
  8. Phenomenal write up Steph, Way to live your dreams and slay your dragons, and to make your parents proud I'm sure too! Thanks so much!!! -Ezra
  9. [TR] Sawtooths-Idaho -The Coffin-West Face FA?

    Nice, I love that area! Thanks for posting!!!
  10. [TR] Chimney Rock - Rappel Chimney 9/13/2012

    Nice, a great route, I did it last summer, Thanks for a great TR!!!
  11. A FANTASTIC bit of history there Dane, it's awesome you are still getting out after all these years, much respect, seriously! Thanks -Ezra
  12. Awesome TR, I knew Rich when I lived in Winston-salem. Was that alan A in one of the pics (a friend of rich's who lives in western carolina? lol, small world, thanks!
  13. [TR] Mt Rainier - DC Route - ctc 8/25/2012

    Stellar pics and great job, thanks!!!
  14. Nice job and great TR, loved the pics!!