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stolen gear for sale on Boise Craigslist?

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For posterity, but why would you think it's fishy?


Up for grabs is my huge stash of gear. Rock to ice. One piece or package deal. 562-8550

New North Face Darkstar 3D synthetic bag -20 or better. $100

Charlet Moser Crampons $50

Grivel Mt Black Ice axe $50

BD GTX curved finger gloves $50

Climbing skins, 2 pair $50

Goretex Gaitors, 3 pair, $50

Petzl ascenders $50

Brake Rack, rescue and personal, 1 each, $50

Forged lost arrow pitons

BD piton hammer

Mamba quick draws (7 ea)

Set of cams (9)

Chocks (many!)

ice screws

4 sit harnesses

1 chest harness

2 big wall gear slings

1 over the shoulder gear sling

2 chalk bags

petzl/rock exotica rescue pulleys and wall hauler

lightweight helmets 2 ea


belay device(s)

and more. Most of this .50 on the dollar and ranges from new, like new, to barely used.

Probably left some out, so email with needs. Prefer to sell as a package and will make best deal that way. Cash only.




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too much variety in gear for a smash n grab theft. and besides, who climbs with a brake bar anyway?

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I'd buy the Dark Star if it came with a 9,000 cubic inch backpack to carry it in. Nothing says "compressibility" like a -20 synthetic bag.

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I highly, highly doubt this is stolen. The average junkie or smash-and-grab thief would never be able to identify lost arrows or mamba draws.


Sorry OP, in all likelihood, you're wrong.

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Ok, Tyson thinks its okay so we're good. I almost had to think for myself on that one.



Glad to see you've come to your senses and stopped trying to think for yourself there Whatslide.........

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